Keg Cooler Accessories

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 01:19 pm

Keg Coolers make any restaurant or bar complete. Not only will you save money with these beer dispensers, as opposed to serving bottled beer, keg coolers also allow you to have a more diverse selection of beers. Like with any other commercial kitchen equipment, there are several accessories that will optimize its function.

Keg Storage Rack You definitely want to stock extra kegs so that you do not run out on a busy Saturday night. Open shelving storage racks will keep your kegs easily accessibly anytime you or your crew needs to switch them out. Select from 4-10 keg capacity racks. We love the Advance Tabco 10-Keg Storage Rack which can easily hold up to ten kegs with its 1200 lbs. load capacity per shelf.

Keg DollyKegs are heavy. Really heavy. If your workers drop a keg or hurt themselves trying to carry a keg across your establishment it could lead to expensive repercussions. A keg dolly or cart can help avoid this problem. Some are made with an ergonomic handle and a kick stand to keep your kegs stable, while others may simply act as a resting place for easy transportation of kegs. This accessory is definitely a necessity if you’ll be serving draft beer.

Glass ChillersNever pour draft beer into a warm cup. Mugs should be ice cold (many of your customers will even expect to be served in a frosty beer mug). After washing mugs, place them in your glass chiller. To give your mug a head start in the chilling process, do not dry mugs after rinsing. Professional frosters take mugs and other glasses to sub-zero temperatures in a matter of seconds, providing an even layer of frost anytime you want it. There is one exception to serving beer in chilled mugs: Avoid serving dark, heavy beers such as stouts in frosted mugs, because these beers need to be slightly warmer to release their full flavor.

Beer Tap Plugs Don’t let your keg taps become dirty and unsanitary. Beer tap plugs are a sanitary solution for keg cooler taps. They help control yeast and bacterial build up inside draft taps, prevent beer taps from sticking, as well as keep pesky fruit flies away from taps.

Beer Mugs You’ve got your keg, keg cooler, and all of the essential accessories, but you’re missing one thing- beer mugs! The great thing about beer mugs is that they come in plenty of different designs, sizes, and are made from either glass or plastic. With a classic design, these mugs are made to last and fit in with any restaurant design.

Glass WashersWith all those beer mugs, you’ll benefit from the assistance of an upright glass washer. Available in manual or electric and as a submersible or non-submersible unit, upright glass washers are perfect for thoroughly and quickly cleaning mugs in a bar sink without the need to run them through the dishwasher.  Equipped with durable washing brushes and stainless steel construction, these automatic cleaning tools are perfect for packed establishments that don’t want to waste extra time and effort manually washing and rinsing each and every glass. Now, bartenders will always have beer mugs on hand for those busy Saturday nights.

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