Smart Financing for Smart Businesses: Burkett Partners with Credit Key

Credit Key, the leading Pay-Over-Time and Net-Terms solution for B2B, has signed on with Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies to offer its flexible financing options to qualified customers.

“At Credit Key, we’re dedicated to empowering businesses in the foodservice industry, and our partnership with Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies reflects that commitment,” said CEO of Credit Key John Tomich. “Providing instant access to capital with flexible payment terms will ensure Burkett customers can acquire essential equipment and supplies to grow and optimize their businesses,” he continued.

Financing Purchases with Credit Key

With Credit Key, purchasers are able to tap into up to $50,000 credit instantly online or in-person. This financing is available for restaurateurs, chefs, and food truck operators both online and in-person. Buyers, once approved through a straightforward application, can immediately acquire equipment and smallwares, paying in installments over 12 months.

“We are thrilled to partner with Credit Key to enrich our customers’ experience with an outstanding financing solution. Recognizing that restaurant equipment and supplies often entail a substantial investment, we believe this option will greatly benefit those embarking on their culinary journey or seeking to enhance their existing operations,” said Jameel Burkett, president and CEO of Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies.

Eric Allen, Chief Revenue Officer of Credit Key, asserts that Burkett Restaurant Equipment customers will experience significant benefits. “The Credit Key process is quick and easy—the application is fully digital and credit decisions are instantaneous. This streamlined flow will empower Burkett customers with the capital they need exactly when they need it, and the flexibility to pay it back on their terms,” said Allen.

About Credit Key

Launched in 2017, Credit Key is a B2B financial services technology company. Credit Key’s proprietary process facilitates lightning-fast financing approval, unique in B2B. It proves effective in driving sales, revenue, and conversions for merchants.

Merchants seamlessly offer instant buy now, pay later financing at the point of sale and across all channels.

Merchants equipped with Credit Key also benefit from immediate payment, unmatched ROI from greater AOV, and stronger customer loyalty. To start working with Credit Key, please visit their website.

To successfully launch this new program, our sales staff and management were thrilled to host Kruger Schaumkel, Credit Key VP of Client Success, and Jorden Bonanno, Credit Key Account Manager, at our Perrysburg Ohio showroom in October.

Credit Key VP of Client Success and Account Manager visited Burkett's showroom to inform staff about financing options.
Kruger Schaumkel, Credit Key VP of Client Success (left), Jorden Bonanno, Credit Key Account Manager (right)

Financing with Credit Key Through Burkett

Our time spent together was a great learning opportunity for our staff! This hands-on experience has enabled us to swiftly facilitate the approval of financing for several customers through Credit Key.

We had the opportunity to follow up with one of our first Credit Key customers this week to learn a little more about their business and the impact of this program.

Omar Sowe of Issa’s Pizza in Ypsilanti, MI opened his business just over a year ago.

He learned of Burkett from our partners at SofoFoods and was excited to discover Credit Key financing when making his most recent purchase, a new Turbochef BULLET Rapid Cook Oven.

“Credit Key is most definitely the way to go. It was so easy and simple. Really just fantastic. Instantly knowing exactly how much I was going to get and how the process worked. Both Burkett and Credit Key were very proactive and involved through it all,” said Sowe when asked about his experience with Credit Key and the purchasing experience.

Omar Sowe assembles a pizza at Issa's Pizza in Ypsilanti, MI.
Omar Sowe takes an online order at a POS. A TurboChef bullet rapid cook oven is in the background.

We know this industry is tough. That’s why our team dedicates itself to personally assisting each customer in finding the right financing and equipment options for their business.

Discover more about Credit Key, or kickstart your application here!

Holiday Special!

Additionally, through our partnership with Credit Key, Burkett is excited to offer 60 days of 0% interest for qualified applicants. This limited time offer is available through December 23rd, 2023.

With up to $50,000 of instantly approved financing, you can confidently outfit your kitchen for the new year.

Enjoy the holiday, worry-free, and gear up for 2024 with a new or used restaurant equipment purchase through Credit Key!

Burkett offers a holiday special, 0% interest for 60 days with Credit Key

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