Restaurant Equipment Repair or Replace?

Last updated on May 21st, 2021 at 10:05 am

Is your ice machine, convection oven or your fryer is down yet again? You have repaired is number of times, which gets you thinking, repair it again or replace it? If you have repaired it a number of times and it is breaking down in other ways, it may be time to stop throwing money away and just replace it. If you consider going reconditioned, make sure you buy from a company that has a service staff that can refurbish that unit so that it meets today’s code and can give you some type of warranty on it. The problem with used is it may break down in six months or so as well. With the economic times being tough, it will cost less to buy used, allowing you to get up and running sooner. Replacing with the used equipment allows you time to research and find new equipment to your liking. If you are just starting a restaurant than I can suggest buying new and used equipment to help lower your start up cost.

Something to consider when buying new is that a lot of equipment is Energy Star rated, which equates into lower operating cost through energy efficiency. Depending on your location in the USA there may be some credit from your electric company. Do your research and ask questions of your dealer so you can make an intelligent decision.

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