Keg Cooler Buying Guide

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 01:29 pm

If you are serving alcohol at your establishment, then you definitely need a Keg Cooler. Check out our website and you’ll find dozens of Keg Coolers, each with a different numbers of taps, made out of  a variety of material, and with different options. This post will help you determine the best Keg Cooler for your business.

Where will you store the keg? If you own an establishment with an outdoor bar area or if you have less than 6 beers on tap, we suggest a Direct Draw Keg Cooler. This type of Keg Cooler allows you to dispense beer at the bar from a unit located under the counter. If your establishment will offer patrons dozens of different kinds of beer, then you will need to install a Walk-In Cooler to dispense the beer.

What size Keg Cooler will I need? This depends on what size kegs you will be using. There are 3 common types of kegs in the US: Half Barrel, Quarter Barrel, and Mini Keg. The easiest way to see if the keg will fit in your Keg Cooler is to measure the keg itself. A Half-Barrel Keg has a diameter of 16 -17” and will fit in just about every Commercial Keg Cooler available. Double and Triple Keg Coolers will hold 2 an 3 kegs respectively.

What is a Club Top Keg Cooler? These are really neat! Not only does the unit consist of a Keg dispensing system, it also includes an easy to reach-in storage area beneath a slide top where you can store chilled glasses, and beverages.

Does the CO2 cartridge come with the Keg Cooler? No. This needs to be purchased separately from your beer distributor.

If you have any other questions about Keg Coolers, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our experienced Sales Consultants are here to assist you.

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