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What To Do Before A Installing Keg Cooler

True TDD-4-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler | 4 Keg Capacity

Always read the Operations Manual of your Keg Cooler before installing the unit. Small errors can lead to not only a ruined unit, but also a voided warranty. Below are a list of tips from True, Turbo Air, and Beverage-Air that should be reviewed before plugging in your Keg Cooler.

Before Installing… Use a volmeter to make sure your establishments electrical voltage will support the Keg Cooler. If anything less than 100% of the rated voltage for operation is noted, correct prior to hooking up the unit. Compressor warranties are void if compressor burns out due to low voltage.

Before Loading…. We recommend you run your unit empty for two to three days to ensure electrical wiring and installation are correct and no shipping damage has occurred. Most manufacturer warranties will not cover product loss.

Before Tapping… Ensure that all beer faucet in the serving location are in the off position. Completely remove the dust cover/ identification cap from the keg.

Electrical Precautions… If you’ve unplugged your Keg Cooler, wait 5 minutes before restarting the unit. Never plug a Keg Cooler into a breaker with other units or use an extension cord.

Helpful Hints On Maintaining The Correct Pressure:

  • Know which pressurizing agent to use on which product and why.
  • Monitor your regulators to ensure applied pressure remains constant
  • Keep equipment in good repair

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A Comparison of Keg Cooler Manufacturers

At Burkett, we carry 3 of the major Commercial Keg Cooler manufacturers: True, Beverage-Air and TurboAir. While all 3 offer a superb product, there are manufactural differences in each. Knowing these differences will assist you in making the right purchasing decision.

True TDD-2CT-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

True TDD-2CTS Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler | 2 Keg Capacity

True Manufacturing…. With 17 different Keg Coolers manufactured by True, it won’t be hard to find the unit you need with this manufacturer. True offers all stainless steel countertops as well as side ventilation to allow for fresh air through the condenser. Compressors are engineered to be environmentally friendly with shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and with the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. This also means that True Keg Coolers have the best insulation. True’s 5 Year Compressor/Condensor Warranty  and 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty is the best in the industry. Known for their customer service, True will replace the entire condensing unit during this period. If you are purchasing the Keg Cooler for residential use, True does not offer a home warranty. And two more things to consider- True products are manufactured in the USA and an Energy-Star Partner!

Beverage-Air DD50HC-1-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Beverage-Air DD50HC-1-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Beverage-Air… One major benefit of Beverage-Air is they offer a residential warranty, so their units can be used in a home as well as a commercial establishment. Offering 27 Keg Coolers, Beverage-Air units have multiple options and accessories so that you can customize the unit to your specifications. Beverage-Air Keg Coolers vary in size and are the only manufacturer to offer a 95,”  5 keg capacity cooler. Like its competitors, Beverage-Air also offers a 5 Year Compressor and 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Units come with 4″ heavy duty swivel casters for easy moving. Beverage-Air products are made in the USA.

Turbo Air TBD-3SD Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Turbo Air TBD-3SD Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Turbo Air… Turbo Air Keg Coolers have a stainless steel countertop and interior which will be easier to maintain and keep clean. Constructed with 3″diameter insulated stainless steel beer columns for maximum efficiency. Keg Coolers come standard with 3.5″ casters, incandescent interior lighting, and door locks. While their competitors have more than a dozen different units each, Turbo Air only offers 4 Keg Coolers. Turbo Air Keg Coolers come with a 5 Year Compressor and 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

Keg Cooler Buying Guide

If you are serving alcohol at your establishment, then you definitely need a Keg Cooler. Check out our website and you’ll find dozens of Keg Coolers, each with a different numbers of taps, made out of  a variety of material, and with different options. This post will help you determine the best Keg Cooler  for your business.

Where will you store the keg? If you own an establishment with an outdoor bar area or if you have less than 6 beers on tap, we suggest a Direct Draw Keg Cooler. This type of Keg Cooler allows you to dispense beer at the bar from a unit located under the counter. If your establishment will offer patrons dozens of different kinds of beer, then you will need to install a Walk-In Cooler to dispense the beer.

What size Keg Cooler will I need? This depends on what size kegs you will be using. There are 3 common types of kegs in the US: Half Barrel, Quarter Barrel, and Mini Keg. The easiest way to see if the keg will fit in your Keg Cooler is to measure the keg itself. A Half-Barrel Keg has a diameter of  16 -17” and will fit in just about every Commercial Keg Cooler available. Double and Triple Keg Coolers will hold 2 an 3 kegs respectively.

Beverage-Air DD50C-1-B Black Vinyl Direct Draw Keg Cooler | 2 Keg Capacity (Club Type)

What is a Club Top Keg Cooler? These are really neat! Not only does the unit consist of a Keg dispensing system, it also includes an easy to reach-in storage area beneath a slide top where you can store chilled glasses, and beverages.

Does the CO2 cartridge come with the Keg Cooler? No. This needs to be purchased separately from your beer distributor.

If you have any other questions about Keg Coolers, please do not hesitate to let us know. Our experienced Sales Consultants are here to assist you. 1-800-828-8564

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