Top 3 Commercial Keg Cooler Brands

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 01:24 pm

At Burkett, we carry 3 of the top commercial keg cooler brands: True Manufacturing, Beverage-Air, and Turbo Air. While all 3 offer superb products, there are manufacturer differences in each. Knowing these differences will assist you in making the right purchasing decision.

True TDD-2CT-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

True TDD-2CTS Direct Draw Keg Cooler

True Manufacturing – True Kegerators provide more than 17 different keg cooler configurations and styles, so it won’t be hard to find the unit you need from this brand. True offers all stainless steel countertops, as well as side ventilation to allow for fresh air through the condenser. Compressors are engineered to be environmentally friendly with shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and with the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. This also means that True kegerators have the best insulation. True’s 7 Year Compressor Warranty  and 3 Year Parts, 3 Year Labor Warranty is the best in the industry. Known for their customer service, True will replace the entire compressor unit during this period. If you are purchasing the keg cooler for residential use, True does not offer a home warranty. And two more things to consider- True products are manufactured in the USA and are Energy-Star Rated!

Beverage-Air DD50HC-1-S Stainless Steel Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Beverage-Air DD50HC-1-S Direct Draw Keg Cooler

Beverage-Air – One major benefit of purchasing a Beverage-Air Keg Cooler is they offer a residential warranty, so their units can be used in a home as well as a commercial establishment. Offering 27 Keg Coolers, Beverage-Air units have multiple options and accessories so that you can customize the unit to your specifications. Beverage-Air Keg Coolers vary in size and are the only manufacturer to offer a 95″ 5 keg capacity cooler. Like its competitors, Beverage-Air also offers a 7 Year Compressor and 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty. Units come with 4″ heavy duty swivel casters for easy moving. Beverage-Air products are made in the USA.

Turbo Air TBD-1SB-N6 Keg Cooler

Turbo Air TBD-1SB-N6 Keg Cooler

Turbo Air – Turbo Air Keg Coolers have a stainless steel countertop and interior which will be easier to maintain and keep clean. Constructed with 3″diameter insulated stainless steel beer columns for maximum efficiency. Keg Coolers come standard with 3.5″ casters, incandescent interior lighting, and door locks. While their competitors have more than a dozen different units each, Turbo Air only offers 4 Keg Coolers. Turbo Air Keg Coolers come with a 5 Year Compressor and 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

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