Draft Beer Problems

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 01:20 pm

In the event that your Keg Cooler is working properly, but the quality of beer is not where it should be there are also ways that you can troubleshoot the problems. To reduce the risk of draft beer problems, always follow manufacturers instructions for temperature and your beer suppliers CO2 pressure recommendations.

Flat Beer (lacks usual zesty flavor).. Caused by a contaminated air source, greasy glasses, not enough pressure (usually caused by pressure being shut off during the night), loose tap or vent connection, sluggish pressure regulator, or obstruction in lines.

Wild Beer (too much foam)…. Beer drawn improperly, faucet in bad or worn condition, kinks/obstructions in line, beer temperature is too warm, or too much pressure (usually caused by creeping gauge)

Cloudy Beer (not clear)…. Dirty glass/faucet, beer too cold or keg temperature variance, hot spots in beer line, cutting beer through faucet, beer line in poor condition, dirty lines, beer was frozen.

Bad Tasting Beer…. Dirty faucet, old or dirty beer lines, failure to flush beer lines with water after each keg change, unsanitary conditions at the bar, foul air or dirt in lines, oily/greasy air, temperature of keg too warm, or dry glasses.

False Head (soap-like bubbles that dissolve very quickly)…. Dry glasses, improper pour, pressure require does not correspond to beer temp, coils or direct draw beer lines warmer than keg, small lines into large faucet shanks, beer drawn improperly.

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  1. Richard Craig says:

    We have a TDD3-black Vinyl Draw Keg Cooler 3 Keg Capacity in our home. It will not cool. and can not hear the motor running when we plug it in. Where can we find someone that can take a look at it and determine what may be wrong. We live in Denver, North Carolina, 28037
    704-489-1871 Phone