Troubleshooting Problems with Your Keg Cooler

A Keg Cooler will be a highly used product in your restaurant or bar, especially if your place becomes known for serving perfectly poured beer. The last thing you want is for

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problems with the Keg Cooler to hinder sales on busy nights. Below you’ll find a list of common problems that occur with Keg Coolers and how to quickly troubleshoot those issues.

Unit Is Noisy….

  1. Loose mounting or parts— Find loose bolts or pieces and tighten.
  2. Weak floor or leveling feet are not set correctly- Adjust feet or reinforce the floor so that the unit is level back to front and side to side.
  3. The backside of unit is too close to wall— Move unit at least 3″ away from1 wall.
  4. Tube rattling— Reform to be free of contact
  5. Bent fan blade is causing vibrations— Replace fan blade
  6. Fan motor bearings are worn— Replace Motor

Compressor will not start….

  1. Line cord not plugged in— Plug in cord.
  2. Fuse removed or blown— Replace fuse.
  3. Temperature control stuck in open position— Repair or replace temp control.
  4. Wiring improper or loose— Check wiring against Owner’s Manual diagram.

Unit operates continuously….

  1. Dirty condenser— Clean condenser
  2. Shortage of refrigerant— If there is a leak, repair it. Then add correct amount of charge.
  3. Temp control contacts stuck or frozen— Replace temp control.
  4. Evaporator coil iced— Defrost coil.
  5. Restriction in refrigeration system— Determine source of restriction and remove.

Unit is Freezing Products….

  1. Thermostat is set too cold— Turn temperature dial to a warmer setting


We hope these tips are helpful however if you require further assistance, we encourage to call our experienced Parts Department 1-800-828-8564

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