Buying Guide: 5 Tips for Buying Food Processors

Considered a “must have” piece of commercial restaurant equipment, food processors came on the scene in the early 1960s. The first food processor was introduced by Robot Coupe (say Ro-Bo-Koo). Robot Coupe is ROB-R2DICE-2still a Best in Class food processor manufacturer today and sold by Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

The food processor has virtually eliminated most labor intensive tasks in the kitchen and has cut down on food preparation time. Chopping, mincing, grinding, pureeing, slicing and shredding are all made easier with a food processor, in commercial and home kitchens.

How does it work?

A food processor is an electrical appliance that is made up of a mixing bowl and a range of blades and disks. All food processors are required to have safety features that only allow the machine to start processing once the bowl and lid are locked.

Generally speaking, food processors come with two types of blades: s-shaped stainless steel blades and plastic blades. Stainless steel blades fit at the bottom of the bowl and chop, shred and grate vegetables and meat. The plastic blade is great for mixing bread and pizza dough.

What Should You Look for in a Food Processor?

  1. Look for a powerful food processor that can process food quickly and consistently. A heavy chassis will keep the food processor from “walking” during heavy-duty processing tasks.
  2. A large bowl capacity, at least 2.5-3.0 quarts. Keep in mind, if you are processing liquid ingredients, the bowl capacity is just about cut in half.
  3. A wide feed tube. A wider tube lets you push larger pieces of food through while processing.
  4. Simple controls. Many models offer a wide array of speeds, but make sure you have a Pulse option, which is great for making bread and pizza dough without over mixing.
  5. Bonus features like a citrus press for juicing oranges, limes and lemons; or an egg whip that can be used during baking.

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