Today is National Cheese Pizza Day

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 12:46 pm

Pizza is good! Good old fashioned cheese pizza is the best! Don’t get me wrong, we do enjoy fresh vegetables and meats on pizza, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood for all the fuss. National Cheese Pizza has no historical origin, and it’s not technically a holiday, but I don’t think we really need to get down to the nitty gritty on a day like this. Forget the BBQ, the picnic sandwiches, and cooking dinner or lunch today- just call your favorite pizzeria and order a pipping hot cheese pizza! Tell us- who makes the best cheese pizza you’ve ever had? Share your opinion in the comment section!

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  1. jong says:

    Pizza is definitely fashionable Italian for pie. The origin of the time period is murky however is alleged to be derived from an Outdated Italian phrase that means “a degree,” which later developed to the Italian phrase pizzicare, that means “to pinch or pluck.” A Neapolitan dialect of the phrase first reveals up in print in a thousand A.D. within the type of picea or piza, assumably referring to the way in which the new pie is plucked from the oven.