Make Sure You Keep Your Food “At Temperature”

Last updated on May 21st, 2021 at 11:54 am

Warmer weather is here and outdoor functions are beginning to pop up everywhere. Families and friends are getting together for barbecues and cookouts all around. Have you ever gone through one of those functions while in the buffet line you notice the cold items are not so cold and hot items are not so hot? We all have been there and that can be very off putting. Here are some helpful products to help any caterer, event organizer or party planner with delivering high quality food at your events.

The first suggestion would be to look into food carriers and bins which have insulation to keep food items either hot or cold. A good place to start with these would be the Cambro Cam Gobox, as these are insulated and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capacities. The lightweight and durable material make it ideal for any catering situation. Find more top loading carriers including all of Cambro’s line on our website.  The next item I said they could use is the insulated food carrier bags. These are an inexpensive way to hold food hot or cold food as well.

The buffet line usually has the food in aluminum foil pans, which is perfect if you need a quick easy clean up. However if you want to upscale it a bit, we suggest adding Chafers to your buffet lines. Add steam table pans to ensure food is always warm and at proper serving temperature. For those that want to go all out just check out the portable bars now available.

For more information on all these products and more visit us at or reach out to one of our trusted sales reps.

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