Getting the Best Results Out of Your Immersion Blender

First, What is an Immersion Blender?

An immersion blender is a versatile kitchen gadget that can help you discover new cooking techniques for a variety of dishes. An immersion hand blender functions as an electric whisk or mixer. They are called immersion blenders because you immerse the blender blades directly into your ingredients rather than pouring them into a blender jar like other types of blenders. A portable immersion blender, often known as a hand blender or a stick blender, can accomplish many of the same tasks as a commercial blender.

A bar blender has a container on top of a motorized base that can comfortably rest on your countertop. A portable immersion blender does not have a container attached. The blades can be inserted into almost any container, such as stock pots, sauce pots, food storage containers, and other deep pans.

Depending upon which type you wish to buy, immersion mixers come either corded or cordless. Since corded models are directly connected to outlets, they provide more power than battery operated models. However, cordless immersion mixers will give you more portability and flexibility.

How Do You Use an Immersion Blender?

To use an immersion blender, pour your soup, drink, or other liquid into a pot large enough to hold the blender. After that, put the bottom half of the blender into the food and start it on the lowest power level. The blade rotates, breaking up any remaining particles or lumps in the liquid. The blade spins faster as the power level on the blender is increased. Higher speeds will be more effective but may cause splashes. Move up and down with the mixer to ensure a uniform blending.

Tips for using an Immersion Blender:

  • Use crushed ice as opposed to cubed ice. Being that the ice is already crushed, it will blend quicker and more completely than clunky cubed ice.
  • To avoid splashing and messes, turn off the blender when removing it from the container.
  • Never use your hands to remove lodged objects from the blade guard. Turn off the blender and use a spatula or other utensil to carefully dislodge debris.

Consider investing in an immersion blender to make soups, sauces, and other liquids easier to prepare. The price is low, the device is simple to use, and the advantages are substantial!

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