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10 Drinks You Can Make with an Immersion Blender (includes recipe link)

After yesterday’s post, it’s pretty clear that an Immersion Blender is amazing when creating delicious dishes, but it’s just as awesome when used to make drinks. Here is a list of 10 drinks that you can make with an Immersion Blender:

  1. Frozen Cherry Mojitos – My Baking Addiction
  2. Berry Smoothie– Cookinq Equipment
  3. Frozen Coffee Frappuccino– Burkett Restaurant Equipment
  4. D.I.Y Orange Smoothie– The Kitchn
  5. Raspberry Cafe Mocha Latte– Going Home to Roost
  6. Dark Varietal Chocolate Drink– The Daily Meal
  7. Pine Needle Daiquiri– Epicurious
  8. Isle of Manhattan Fizz– NY Times
  9. Strawberry Kiwi Daiquiri– Tasty Kitchen
  10. The Perfect Peach Daiquiri– I am Friday


25 Foods You Can Make with an Immersion Blender

How versatile are Immersion Blenders? Just check out this list (by no means complete) of different dishes that can be made with this awesome kitchen utensil:

  1. Spaghetti Marinara
  2. Salsa
  3. Hummus
  4. Pesto
  5. Cake Batter
  6. Whipped Cream
  7. Pizza Sauce
  8. Mayonnaise
  9. Salad Dressings
  10. Guacamole
  11. Grits
  12. Peanut Butter
  13. Jelly/Jam
  14. Baby Food
  15. Mashed Potatoes
  16. Cream of Spinach
  17. Pudding
  18. Gravy
  19. Applesauce
  20. Hollaindaise Sauce
  21. Bread Crumbs
  22. Meringue
  23. Tapenade
  24. Vichyssoise
  25. Meatballs

Immersion Blender vs Bar Blender vs Food Blender

Every product in your kitchen has a different use, regardless of how similar their actions are. You have a knife that cuts pieces of Filet Mignon, while a different knife is used for slicing and dicing vegetables. Blenders are no different. Some a free standing and blend smoothies, others are perfect for mincing vegetables, while some blenders allow you to mix food and drinks in any pot or mixing bowl.

Immersion Blender One of the easiest and most versatile blenders on the market, an Immersion Blender is a necessity in any commercial kitchen. While other blenders require that you use a specific mixing vessel, you can use any type of bowl, pot, or container with an Immersion Blender. However, one drawback to the Immersion Blender is you have to hold it as you are blending.

Bar BlenderSimply pour your ingredients into the blender carafe and press a button to thoroughly mix, blend or puree your mixture. A Bar Blender is perfect for mixing liquids such as milkshakes and smoothies. Added benefits include, they are a hands-free appliance, offer a high and low power setting, and many also have a pulse feature for crushing ice. A Bar Blender however, will not properly chop food.

Food Blenders Food mixers usually have more features, options and speeds so you can process foods of all sorts of consistencies and varying degrees of frozenness. Food blenders can be used to prepare salsas, combine ingredients for various foods like cakes and specialty sauces.  A drawback is you have to use the blenders carafe, which means having to pour a soup mixture for example into the blender carafe and then returning it to the pot- adding an extra step in your cooking process.

Immersion Blenders and Food and Bar Blenders offer great benefits but each has a drawback that is available in the alternative. In the end, you need to consider the use of your Blender, before making a purchase. If you will be making a lot of mixed drinks, smoothies, and milkshakes, a Bar Blender will better suite your needs. On the other hand, if you plan to use a blender for soups, salsas, marinara sauces an Immersion Blender or Food Blender is the better option.

3 Tips to Getting the Best Results from Your Immersion Blender

Ensure continued performance from your Immersion Blender with these simple tips!

1- When using ice in a recipe, use Crushed Ice as opposed to cubes.

2- To avoid splattering, turn off the Immersion Blender before you remove the shaft from the container.

3- Do not use your fingers to remove lodged objects from the blade guard. Avoid injury by turning off the Immersion Blender and using a spatula to carefully dislodge the food or object.

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Make Paint, Lotion and Soap with an Immersion Blender

No doubt about it, there are lots of foods that you can make with an Immersion Blender, but did you know that you can make non-food creations with this handy tool as well? Here’s a list of things that you can make with your Immersion Blender that we found after scouring the Internet and talking to our staff. 

  • Homemade Paint- To learn more visit: 

Homemade Paint Using an Immersion Blender

  • Body Lotion- Here’s a really easy and clean way to make your own lotions: 
  • Soap- The possibilities are endless with soap and Immersion Blenders:

Did we leave some cool creation out? Comment below to let us know!


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Immersion Blender Maintenance Tips

It is vital that you properly clean and maintain each piece of equipment and supply in your restaurants kitchen on a regular basis and immersion blenders are no different. A dirty immersion blender can prevent the blade from properly blending as well as contaminate your food. Here are a few simple steps to care for your immersion blender to ensure its prime performance during every use.

Clean It…. After each use thoroughly clean the motor body and blending shaft with a mild detergent. Wash with hot water and rinse with warm water for optimal cleaning. Thoroughly clean interior and exterior stainless steel components to dislodge any and all food residue.

  • On Waring blenders, clean and sanitize the plastic motor housing before initial use and after each use. Furthermore, many Waring Immersion Blenders have completely sealed stainless steel shafts that make them dishwasher safe. (Please check the Instruction Manual)

Unplug It….To eliminate the risk of electrical shock, unplug the appliance before you clean it. When you are done using your Immersion Blender make sure to unplug it and store it somewhere safe and clean.

Do Not… Do not immerse the motor body of the immersion blender in water.

Product Palooza! History of Immersion Blenders


Robot Coupe MP 350 TURBO 14" Immersion Blender $488.54

Once you have an Immersion Blender it’s hard to imagine life without one isn’t it? Popularized by renowned chefs Alton Brown and Emeril Lagasse, Immersion Blenders are the perfect kitchen tool to emulsify sauces, blend soups, and mix ice cold drinks. With an Immersion Blender there is no need to transfer the mixture from the pot to the mixing bowl- you can just blend away in the pot!

Also known as a Stick Blender, this handy product was invented in Switzerland in 1950 by Roger Perrinjaquet. French chefs adopted in the French kitchen by the 1960s but it took 20 more years for it to make its way to the American residential market.

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Product Palooza! What NOT to Do with an Immersion Blender!

There’s no denying the versatility of an Immersion Blender. There are some pretty neat things you can do with it. For our Product Palooza topic for today, we’re going to tell you a few things that an Immersion Blender should not be used for.

Can Immersion Blenders braid hair?

  • No. Due to the broad ends of an immersion blender, braiding hair would be difficult. Also, because of Imagethe high horsepower, unintended consequences might be in store, such as: scalping, hair removal, and getting a handheld appliance stuck in your hair.To braid hair, you’ll want to purchase the Braid Magic (looks like an Immersion Blender, but won’t hurt you!)

Can an Immersion Blender harm someone?

  • Yes. Due to the high rotations that an Immersion Blender has, you can break skin or cause significant harm to someone else.Please do not assault someone with this machine.

Can an Immersion Blender unclog a toilet?

  • No. Although an Immersion Blender does create a suction in a pot, it will not be able to create a suction strong enough to unclog a toilet.Nor will the head of the blender reach down far enough into the toilet to chop/blend up the clog. If you attempt this, we remind you to thoroughly sanitize your Immersion Blender before reusing.

Can Immersion Blenders protect you from zombies?


  • The shaft’s end can be sharpened with the proper tools, so it can be customized to defend yourself if a zombie apocalypse occurs. However, the portability comes into question because most commercial Immersion Blenders are corded. Seeing as most zombie survival experts push for being mobile, seeking out an outlet for your Immersion Blender of Doom is not going to help in your survival.
We hope you got  few laughs out of this. Did we miss any DO NOT’S? Share them below!
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