Concession Merchandising the Right Way at a Ballgame

Last updated on July 12th, 2022 at 01:04 pm

The crack of a bat or the pop of pitch hitting the catchers mitt, means baseball season here. At the game, you have many options from hotdogs, hot pretzels, nachos, hot sandwiches and many other food products. You mosey yourself up to the concession stand to see that the concession stand is lacking equipment to store and keep these food items at optimal temperature for customers.

Here at Burkett Restaurant and Supply we can help and make some suggestions for your concession stand to make is successful for this baseball season. First a countertop merchandiser to hold hot sandwiches, breakfast burritos and other snack foods will attract customers to spend that little extra for the. The Hatco GRSDS-24-120-QS heated counter top display is perfect for any ball park or concession stand to keep those sandwiches warm. If you need more capacity then look at the Vollrath line of countertop warming unit such as the Cayenne 40733. I like this unit because it has heat and humidity control and has three adjustable shelves.If you need to hold pizza, then I suggest the Nemco 6422 4-Shelf Heated Pizza Merchandiser. For pretzels we would suggest using the revolving pretzel merchandiser like the Nemco 6423 2-Shelf Heated Pretzel Merchandiser. Given the right equipment any concession stand can almost offer a full meal at the ball game and still serve items that are nutritious as well as delicious.

For more information or help setting up your concessions stand visit us at or reach out to one of our trusted sales reps.