Concession Merchandising the Right Way

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 03:18 pm

Concession stands are an essential part of stadiums and sporting events. They serve as the primary source of food and drinks for spectators. Concession equipment and supplies are what helps make your business a success, whether you own a stand, a cart, or a trailer.

The success of a concession stand largely depends on its ability to effectively display and sell its products. This is where merchandisers and display cases come into play. Properly displaying your concessions can help increase visual appeal which can lead to increased revenue.

Concession stalls frequently sell a variety of high-profit food items, such as popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and cotton candy. So, wouldn’t you want to know what types of merchandisers can help your profits skyrocket?

Below, we’ve laid out the most popular concession merchandisers and how they can make your operation stand out.

What types of merchandisers and display cases are there?

  • Countertop Merchandisers – Countertop display cases are compact, easy to use, and ideal for small spaces. They can be used to display any variety snacks, drinks, or desserts. These cases come in a range of sizes and shapes and are often used for self-serve food stations. With the ability to adjust shelving units inside your compact display case, you can switch up food offerings daily. They are available in heated, refrigerated, dry, or dual temperature zone models
  • Full-Service Merchandisers – These display cases are large, normally floor models, and have high capacities. Full-service cases allow you to present full food pans safely. Multideck display cases are ideal for concession stands with a large variety of products. They feature multiple levels of shelving. They are available in heated or dry merchandisers, as well as refrigerated, freezer, or dual zone models.
  • Beverage Merchandisers – Beverage displays are designed to keep drinks cold and refreshing while they are being displayed. They come in a variety of sizes and styles. Most models feature adjustable temperature controls and lighting to showcase drinks and add appeal. Drink merchandisers are available in glass door and open-air designs.
  • Display Shelves – Drop-in heated shelves and countertop warming shelves are a great way to keep foods hot on non-heated buffets. These electrical shelving units can be placed nearly anywhere with the proper connection, making them quite versatile.
  • Specialty Merchandisers – They are designed to display designated food items, we offer specialized merchandisers for pizza, nachos, soft pretzels, and popcorn. These display cabinets are heated to keep foods at proper serving temperatures. These specialty displays are examined further below.

What concession display cases and merchandisers do you need?

Pizza Merchandisers

Designed to hold multiple whole pizzas at a single time, these units will keep your slices hot, fresh, and ready to eat. Pizza merchandisers come in a range of shapes and sizes. These display cases come equipped with temperature controls and lighting that can be adjusted to better display and present pizzas. Pizza warmers come in either 3 shelf or 4 shelf designs, with rotating or non-rotating configurations.

Your mouthwatering masterpieces are highlighted by interior lighting, capturing the attention of visitors. Modern signage provides your concession stand with an improved appearance and increased visibility.

If you need some serious pizza holding space, the Nemco 6452 4 Shelf Rotating Heated 22″ Heated Pizza Merchandiser has 4 rotating shelfs! You can show off up to 4 whole pizzas at any time. The rotation will keep slices warm and fresh, while the lighting, signage, and aromas will capture customers attention.

Pretzel Merchandisers

Available at nearly any concession stand, soft pretzels are an easy profit-maker. Pretzel merchandisers and display cases are necessary for keeping soft pretzels warm and ready-to-serve. These displays provide lighting, heat, and easy access for customers.

After cooking pretzels using a countertop deck oven, place the finished products in a display case and watch them sell themselves. The correct placement of one of these units can give passer-byers a sense of nostalgia and tantalize them with sweet aromas. This can lead to an otherwise unwanted purchase.

The Nemco 6403 15″ Pretzel Merchandiser is a favorite for medium sized concessions as it provides multiple racks while taking up little counter space.

Our assortment of pretzel merchandisers will keep your big soft pretzels hot, moist, and ready to find a new home!

Nachos Merchandisers

If your concession stand has heavy traffic, then it would be best to invest in a nacho chip merchandiser. Buy your chips in bulk and keep them warm and fresh in one of these secure heated chip cabinets. Just use a scoop to fill up nacho trays and garnish with cheese and peppers.

An appealing nacho chip display case can also draw the attention of a crowd and lead to sales. With interior lighting and exterior promotion, your nachos will sell themselves.

This Gold Medal 2189 Nacho Chip Warmer is an excellent choice for any nacho dealer. Also, check out nacho cheese dispensers and chip warmers to complete your nachos serving display.

Cotton Candy Merchandisers

Commercial cotton candy makers are simple to operate and spin swiftly to minimize consumer wait times. When serving this sugary snack, the machine itself is enough to gain customer interest. However, there are even better ways to show off and drive sales using cotton candy displays.

Cotton candy merchandisers are designed to make candy preparation and display more efficient and appealing. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, with some models featuring a built-in cotton candy machine for convenient and efficient snack preparation.

The Gold Medal 3149 Pinkie Floss Cart is a great choice. This unit provides a sturdy surface and exciting appearance.

Hot Dog Merchandisers

Hot dogs are a staple in concessions all over the country. You can easily turn a profit with the appropriate commercial hot dog equipment.

Hot dog broilers, roller grills, and steamers are excellent cooking devices that can double as merchandisers. That makes them perfect for facilities with a limited amount of space. If you’re looking to add some eye candy to your concession stand or booth, a merchandiser cart will be sure to attract a crowd.

A countertop merchandiser cart is a fun way to cook and show off your products. Not only will these hot dog carts hold hot products to proper serving temperatures, but they also come configured to hold buns and toppings. Keeping all of your supplies in one location means less movement for operators and customers. To keep your products fresh and free from any germs, add a hot dog grill sneeze guard for more safety.

Check out the Nemco 6550-DW Countertop Mini Hot Dog Steamer Cart here!

Popcorn Equipment

Popcorn Poppers: A countertop popcorn popper not only produces freshly popped corn, but it also efficiently displays your salty snacks. These units include vibrant decorations and signage that can boost promotional efforts.

Popcorn makers come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate whatever production levels you need. Choose between high volume popcorn makers or low volume popcorn makers. These units are an all-in-one popcorn making and selling machine.

Popcorn Warmers: Commercial popcorn warmers are made to keep packed or loose popcorn at the perfect temperature until sale. A built-in warming deck is in each popcorn display cabinet to help maintain warmth for extended periods of time. By pre-popping before you open and keeping fresh popcorn in one of these containers, you can satisfy long queues more quickly.

Popcorn Carts & Popcorn Wagons: Popcorn carts and wagons are a fun visual and practical piece of equipment that can help your business stand out. These carts and wagons will securely hold either your popcorn machine or popcorn warmer.

Popcorn wagons give customers a sense of nostalgia thanks to their old school look and feel. Nostalgia is a powerful weapon that is sure to help you increase sales and impressions.

By using popcorn merchandisers, you can not only show off your stash of fresh popcorn, but they can also fill the surrounding area with appealing smells. Releasing delicious aromas can increase traffic and potential sales.

A great choice when looking for popcorn merchandising is the Gold Medal 2015 Red Popcorn Wagon Stand which perfectly fits the Gold Medal Whiz Bang 2014 Popcorn Machine.


Whether you’re looking for a compact countertop display, a heated or refrigerated case, or a multideck merchandiser, at Burkett we offer a wide variety of concession display equipment to meet your needs.

The right food display can make your concession stand more efficient and profitable. Sometimes just the sight of a warm pretzel or fresh muffin can trigger customers into making an immediate purchase. Then again, sometimes all it takes is the overwhelming smell of some delicious popcorn or fresh pizza to attract some sales.

Concession merchandisers are sure to improve your establishments atmosphere and success!

Need some help starting your food truck or concession stand? Check out “How to Build a Concession Trailer”.

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