How To Size Grease Traps for Your Restaurant or Business

Last updated on May 21st, 2021 at 12:07 pm

Have you ever gone by a food service establishment and detected the most vile odor? Makes you not want to eat at that location, right? Well chances are that it is a simple matter of cleaning out the grease trap. Even though I never have had the honor of doing this task, it is not that difficult if the grease trap is readily accessible. If you find that you need to clean it too often then maybe you need to look into whether you have the right size grease trap or night. To properly size one you need to use the following formula:

Length of the sink bowl x width of the sink bowl x depth of the sink bowl x the number of bowls. Take this number and divide by 231 x .75. The final figure will give you the size of the grease trap.

Grease trap sizes are based on two factors, pound storage capacity and flow rate per minute. What you need to keep in mind is not so much how much grease you may generate but the size of the bowl on your sink. Imagine you trying to pour water into a funnel and you pour faster than the hole at the bottom of the funnel will let the water out. Same principle as the grease trap. If you have too small of a trap and you open three drains of water and the grease trap can not keep up with the rate of water flow the trap will not do the job.

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