Unique Ways to Display Warm Foods


As you struggle to find ways to increase business in today’s fast-paced environment, try thinking outside the “display case”. When you need a piece of equipment to not only display foods, but also keep them at the appropriate serving temperatures, look no further than Burkett. We have a vast array of heated merchandisers, heat lamps, and food warmers to help increase safety, accessibility, and impulse purchases. 

Heating Lamps

A great way to keep hot foods at proper serving temperatures is through using heating lamps. Whether you want lamps to be ceiling mounted, table mounted, or just sit atop countertops, there are many options to match up with your restaurant’s décor. An excellent perk of heating lights is that they are designed with sleek finishes so they can add to a dining room or service areas atmosphere. Ceiling mounted heat lamps also allow you to adjust their height thanks to the use of a retractable cord.

Food Warmers

Another fantastic way of keeping hot foods hot while also making them accessible for guests is with the use of different food warmers.

  • Buffet warmers are all-in-one buffet systems. These units have bases that securely hold multiple full and half sized pans of foods under a compact but powerful strip heater. The strip heater is angled so that the heat is directed down onto foods below. Buffet systems also come equipped with sneeze guards on both sides to help decrease contamination.
  • Full pan food warmers and well warmers are additional food holding units that can be placed directly on buffets or countertops. Requiring a simple electrical connection, these food warmers are easy to transport, making them great in any location. Round and kettle warmers are ideal heat holding units for soups, sauces, gravy, and other liquid based items.
  • Using a heated display case can help you highlight and show off your freshly hot foods. Since these units are heated, they are designed to hold hot foods above the minimum 140° that is required by Health Departments.


Heat holding merchandisers are great for not just holding hot items at the right serving temperature, but they can also improve food presentation and availability. Pizza merchandisers, among others, give off aromas that will tickle the nostrils of potential customers. Certain heat holding display cases can even give customers a sense of nostalgia. Creating this sense of nostalgia, as well as producing intoxicating aromas, can increase impulsive sales.

Whether you need a countertop or full-service merchandiser, there are plenty of styles of both. If you are looking to present more specific items like soft jumbo pretzels or hot nachos and cheese, there are specially designed display cases for such popular items.

Display Matters! When you can display your product in a way that is different from everyone else, it makes your establishment THE place to go instead of that “other place”. The variety of different shapes, sizes, and types of food warming equipment brings an unmatched versatility to your business. These units can be worked in different service formats such as buffets, appetizer stations, or grab-n-go locations.

Upgrading your hot food holding displays will attract more customers, which in turn will add value to your business. Take the time to check out what these great warmers and displays have to offer to your business.

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