Burkett Introduces Perfect Fry Ventless Fryers!

Last updated on July 18th, 2022 at 04:24 pm

perfect fry

At Burkett Restaurant Equipment, we are committed to bringing our customers the latest and most innovative restaurant equipment and supplies. Cue the addition of Floor model or countertop ventless fryers!

Perfect Fry is a leading supplier to the foodservice industry with innovative and simple to operate countertop deep-frying solutions. As the recipient of the National Restaurant Association’s Kitchen Innovations award, PFA’s Rapidfry technology is the first odorless, ventless, and automated counter-top deep-frying system with robotic entry and delivery for your food products.

So what makes Perfect Fry Fryers the best? Let us count the ways:

#1 No Vents or Hoods Required
Low cost installation! Perfect Fry is made for locations that do not allow for the installation of commercial fixed vents, air exchange, filters or fire suppression systems. With built-in filtration and state of the art fire suppression, Perfect Fry is ideal for open mall kiosks, temporary or seasonal locations, portable kitchens, catering, or any limited-space locations.

#2 Odorless
Perfect Fry has designed their own air filtration system to remove grease particulates from the exhausted air. Made in the same factory as their fryers, the HEPA style filters last three months under normal use conditions.

#3 Small Footprint
Perfect Fry fryers install on your countertop. Their high-volume output means that foodservice businesses with limited space can now offer a variety of fried foods that have been missing from menus due to restricted space. The total space is less than a single conventional fryer or side-loading counter-top fryer.

#4 Commercial Volume Output
Fully automated fryers can fry up to 3 lbs. of food in each load. Wait it gets better. The Perfect fryer will cook 30 loads in an hour. At 3 lbs per load, with an automated load system the PFA can produce 90 POUNDS OF FRIES PER HOUR.

#5 Easy Maintenance

Perfect Fry fryers require a daily cleaning (wipe down, and general clean) and a weekly oil change. The self-contained oil drainage kit allows you to empty oil even when it is hot. All of the stainless steel components can be removed from the fryer chassis and washed in a dishwasher or sink. Finally, air filters should be changed every 3 months under similar usage; this can be done in under a minute.

#6 Safety
Foodservice owner/operators put a priority on the safety of employees; with Perfect Fry’s fully automated PFA fryer operators won’t come in contact with hot oil. Ingredients are placed into the robotic loading tray. The cooking area of the fryer is enclosed and self-contained. Food then empties safely into the tray placed in the unloading area. All key functions of the machine are monitored electronically and indicated on our bright LCD display – the self-diagnostic ability of the Perfect Fry machines reduces guessing and downtime.

#7 Preset Cooking
Perfect Fry allows you to customize up to 9 presets. Put an entire menu into your fryer’s program. When the preset cooking cycle is completed, the food will unload automatically. Food stays warm with an optional ceramic heat lamp.

Ready to upgrade? We thought so. Click over to our website and check out our latest inventory of Perfect Fry Fryers.

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