New Dishware Can Freshen Up the Look of Any Restaurant!

Last updated on August 9th, 2023 at 04:56 pm

The ambiance of a restaurant is an intricate dance of flavors, aesthetics, and experiences. Every detail matters, from the aroma of sizzling dishes to the color of the walls. Yet, there’s one often overlooked element that holds the potential to transform your dining space – new dishware.

Plates of food in a restaurant.

Have you ever noticed mismatched or oddly paired dishware that your food was served on? Some businesses do not fully realize the impression they are leaving on patrons by serving food on old, mismatched, out-of-date dishware. Doing so can give customers the impression that the restaurant is old, not doing well financially, or the operators just don’t care about presentation.

Adding new dishware is a simple way of creating a new look for any restaurant, bar, deli, bakery, or pizzeria. A new set of dishes for your dining room can reinvigorate the entire business. Just changing the style of your plates, glasses, and other tabletop dishware can give your dining room a much more modern feel.

Why Have Extra Dishware on Hand?

Running low on dishware regularly happens in fast-moving restaurants. If you have a slow dishwasher, it takes longer to get clean plates back to chefs. If you have clumsy servers, cooks, or customers, you may have more accidents with plates or glasses being broken. Luckily, dishware does not need to be a costly purchase.

Since you can find quality dishware at relatively low prices, it pays off long term to have extra plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and silverware. Having extra is always a great idea when talking restaurant dinnerware.

What are Restaurant Plates Made Of & Which Type do You Need?


“Chinaware” is a catch-all term that many Americans use to refer to “high-quality dinnerware.” Chinaware is available in porcelain and bone china. Both “porcelain” and “china” are names used to describe dinnerware composed of kaolin, a form of white clay. This style of plates is used in more formal and professional settings.


Melamine is a shatterproof and scratch-resistant form of plastic. As a result, restaurant owners seek melamine tableware that is durable enough to endure repetitive wear and tear in a commercial kitchen while also providing a more elegant presentation. Aside from durability, restaurateurs choose melamine dinnerware for its versatility and safety. Melamine, like many polymers, works as an insulator, shielding servers’ and customers’ hands from hot food. 


This dinnerware is great for outdoor use and casual occasions. It’s made of high-quality materials, including BPA-free plastic that won’t crack, shatter, break, cloud, or discolor. Polycarbonate plates also lightweight, making it simple to move the dishes from the kitchen to your outdoor eating area.

How Can New Dishware Freshen up Your Restaurant?

Updating dinnerware can significantly enhance a restaurant’s ambiance and appeal. Below we list a few of the major advantages there is to invest in fresh dinnerware.

  • Modern Aesthetic: Opt for contemporary and stylish designs to infuse a modern vibe.
  • Color Coordination: Select dinnerware that complements your theme or color scheme. This creates a harmonious and visually pleasing atmosphere.
  • Quality Upgrade: Invest in high-quality materials and finishes.
  • Thematic Flexibility: Choose themed or seasonal dinnerware sets to facilitate easy decor changes, enabling the restaurant to adapt its look for special occasions or holidays.
  • Versatile Presentation: Experiment with different plating styles and arrangements to showcase culinary creations in new and captivating ways.
  • Enhanced Branding: Incorporate the restaurant’s logo or insignia onto the dinnerware to reinforce branding and create a distinct identity.
  • Elevated Ambiance: New dinnerware elevates the overall ambiance.

Overall, new dinnerware revitalizes the restaurant’s look. It can cultivate a memorable and enticing environment that draws in customers and encourages return visits.

Choose the perfect match!

Be sure to match up your restaurant’s dinnerware, beverageware, and flatware to give the exact atmosphere you desire. Matching all your tabletop and dining room supplies will bring a more uniform and professional look to your establishment.

At Burkett, we have everything you need to freshen up your foodservice business!

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