Why choose built-in filtration for your commercial fryer?

Last updated on May 17th, 2024 at 10:00 am

When looking to purchase a new commercial deep fryer, you should know the importance of cleaning and filtering frying oil. Lacking to properly care for your deep fryer and frying oil can lead to higher expenses for your business.

Although there are multiple ways to filter used oil, no other way is as quick, easy, and safe as using an internal filtration system. Extend the life of your oil and save money on frying oil thanks to built-in fryer filtration.

Why you need to filter your fryer’s oil

A deep fryer’s oil doesn’t last forever and needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Improper maintenance can result in  the breakdown of oil and the darkening of products. Excessive usage may also cause your food to lose its correct taste.

If you allow the oil to sit too long, you run the danger of compromising the consistency and quality of your fried foods. Overly hasty disposal of the oil results in the waste of expensive resources.

Maintaining clean fryers will increase the quality of the food being cooked as well as its lifespan. With a clean fryer well, oil will heat up more quickly and heat foods more evenly, decreasing cooking time. Depending on how often you use your fryer, the oil should be entirely emptied as needed and sediments should be removed daily.

As you can tell, the process of cleaning and filtering your cooking oil may  be a bit more work than originally thought. For this reason, purchasing a deep fryer with built-in filtration will save you cleaning time, prep time, and the mess of dealing with sticky oil.

Fryer oil filter options

There are two basic choices for safely filtering fryer oil, either portable filtration units or built-in filtration.

Portable Filtration

Portable filtration options are less expensive than commercial fryers that come equipped with built-in filtration. We carry a vast supply of portable fryer oil filter machines.

These units remove used oil from fryer pots and runs it through a filtering system to get rid of debris. They then can be used to reload to the fryer pot with a cleaner frying oil after the process is complete.

While the portable options have pros, they also have some cons:

  • Portable oil filtration machines come in specific capacities, so it is important to ensure your portable filtering machine can hold the amount of oil your fryer can. When purchasing a new fryer, you may need to purchase a new filtering machine to match the size.
  • Portable fryer filter units rely on employees to judge when oil needs to be cleaned. This requires all kitchen staff to be well trained on when and how to filter out old oil. With poorly trained employees, your deep fryer may not get the care and attention it requires. 
  • Employees using movable fryer filtration will need the proper PPE for safety, adding an additional cost.

Built-In Filtration

Purchasing a deep pot fryer with built-in filtration is going to make your life easier and save your business money in the long term. These fryers come equipped with filtration systems built right inside the unit. This means, among other things, there is no external storage for filtering machines needed.

Commercial fryers with internal filtration make the process for cleaning cooking oil easier and safer. Employees will need to be trained on how to operate the filtering system, but thanks to advanced technology, the system is easy to use.

These devices make filtering your oil as simple as pressing a button. This is unquestionably the simplest and swiftest approach to filter oil multiple times each day. If your restaurant filters a lot of oil, the increased efficiency a fryer with an integrated filtering system can provide is worth the investment.  

Since the filtration is internal, built-in fryer filters help cut down on accidental messes and burns. Kitchen staff will not need to handle or even be near the hot, sticky oil when its being cleaned. They can turn on the filter and continue other tasks until the process is complete.

This oil filtration process is faster, safer, and more efficient than using portable units.

How does built-in filtration work?

Built-in oil filtration units typically come with a filtration drawer underneath the unit. The drain at the bottom of the tank opens when the filtration cycle is started, allowing the oil to flow to the drawer.

A drawer with a filter screen and a brand-new filter envelope is located at the bottom. These serve as barriers to keep the sediment and residue that cause fryer oil to darken over time apart from the oil that is still suitable for use in the fryer. After that, a pump empties the waste and returns the freshly filtered oil to the fry vat.

For operations with wet-battered menu items, these units can be the perfect choice because they include an optional flush hose for the quick, effective removal of heavy sediment from the tanks.

Built-in filtration is quicker, especially on multi-vat suites and split pot fryers where portable filtration must be disconnected, moved, and then reconnected. With many units, you can fully filter your oil and reload your fryer pot in just over 3 minutes.

Why buy a deep fryer with built-in oil filtration?

Although the initial costs are higher, commercial deep fryers with these internal filtration systems are the best option for your commercial kitchen. Ensuring the best quality of frying oil will help you provide the ideal tastes your customers are looking for.

When you buy a commercial deep fryer with built-in filtration, you will have:

  • Saved money long-term on frying oil and filtration machines
  • Quicker recovery times
  • More efficient heat distribution
  • An easier and quicker cleaning process
  • A safer kitchen with  fewer accidents, messes, and burns

 If you decide to purchase a new or used deep fryer with a built-in filtration, we recommend  manufacturers Vulcan and Pitco who have both utilized internal filtration in many of their commercial model deep fryers.

Commercial deep fryers can be found in almost every commercial kitchen. Frying equipment serves as the backbone of many foodservice operations, useful for appetizers, entrees, and even desserts. , To maximize the life of your fryer and the quality of your food, it is important to keep up to date with regular maintenance.

Check out this great resource, how to clean and maintain your commercial deep fryer, to learn more step-by-step cleaning tips to keep your fryer rolling.

Looking for a way to remove used frying oil without the desire to reuse it? At Burkett, we have a great selection of fryer oil waste removers.

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