Top 10 Tips for Commercial Range Safety

Last updated on September 14th, 2023 at 09:19 am

Practice range safety in your commercial kitchen.

In the bustling heart of every commercial kitchen, where culinary magic is crafted daily, range safety must always take center stage.

The commercial range, with its fiery burners and precision ovens, is the heart of these culinary theaters.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and ensuring the safety of both kitchen staff and guests is paramount. Cooking in a commercial kitchen can be fast-paced and demanding.

To help chefs make the most of their commercial ranges and ovens while ensuring safety and efficiency, here are ten simple tips:

1. Familiarize Yourself

Get to know your commercial range and oven inside out.

Read the owner’s manual and specification sheet to grasp the full power of your unit. Understand their features, settings, and capabilities.

Differing models may have unique quirks.

2. Preheat Properly

Preheat your oven before use to the recommended temperature. This ensures even cooking and better results for your dishes.

3. Use the Right Cookware

Choose commercial cookware that’s compatible with your range and oven. Make sure it’s the right size, material, and design for the task at hand.

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4. Organization is Key

Organize your workspace efficiently. Keep kitchen utensils, ingredients, and tools within easy reach to reduce unnecessary movement.

5. Safety First

Always utilize the appropriate safety gear to protect yourself from burns and spills. From oven mitts to potholders to aprons, keep yourself and your chefs safe so they can continue to create deliciousness.

6. Temperature Accuracy

Invest in a quality oven thermometer to double-check the temperature accuracy of your oven. Commercial ovens can sometimes vary in accuracy, especially after prolonged usage.

7. Time Management

Plan your cooking times carefully, especially if using multiple ovens or burners simultaneously. Use kitchen timers to prevent overcooking or burning.

8. Proper Ventilation

Ensure your kitchen is well-ventilated, as commercial ovens and ranges can generate a lot of heat and steam.

Proper ventilation helps ensure range safety from grease fires and other disasters. Good air circulation keeps the kitchen cleaner, cooler, and more comfortable for chefs.

9. Daily Cleaning

Clean your range daily. Routinely clean burners, oven racks, grease traps, and other individual components of your range, as well as the oven cavity. Grease and food buildup can become fire hazards and affect the taste of your dishes.

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10. Scheduled Maintenance

Follow a maintenance schedule for your equipment. Regular check-ups and servicing can extend the life of your commercial range and oven.

Be sure to follow guidelines from equipment warranties to ensure you don’t unknowingly void them.


Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a kitchen manager, or brand new to commercial equipment, these ten easy tips will help in maintaining a secure cooking environment.

Check out our Commercial Oven Cleaning and Maintenance blog to deep dive into proper cleaning methods of convection and conventional ovens.

By following these tips, chefs can make the most of their commercial ranges and ovens, creating delicious dishes efficiently and safely in a busy kitchen environment. Happy cooking!

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