How To: Using a Kitchen Scale

Last updated on June 26th, 2024 at 01:04 pm

food scaleConsider me in the food scale fan club. You’ll always find me touting their copious attributes. Kitchen Scales will change your life!

I imagine most commercial kitchens are well versed in kitchen scale usage, but for all of you residential chefs, lets erase your fears that cooking with measured weights is a difficult or time consuming task.

Kitchen scales have always played a predominant part in my life. My mom, who taught me how to cook, was forever baking delectable treats in our kitchen and pulling out her trusty scale to get the job done. She was also a jazzercise/fad diet fanatic and often used her kitchen scale to enforce portion control.

Baking a cake? Stop dreading the subsequent clean-up, because you’ll only be using one bowl and one spoon. Ah, imagine not having to search through three drawers (yes, we have 3 drawers of kitchen essentials that I cannot live without) looking for that missing ¾ measuring cup…seriously, where is my ¾ measuring cup?

Perhaps you’re experimenting with gluten-free recipes and you’ve realized that many recipes are written in measured weights. Do not be daunted by this! Kitchen scales are simple to use.

The key is to zero out the scale every time you add an ingredient. If you have a digital kitchen scale, you simply hit the On/Clear button, this will zero out your weight. On a dial scale, you can turn the knob back to the zero mark. *If your kitchen scale is a family heirloom from the Roman Empire, or you’re a Mathlete and predisposed to balanced scales, this actually will be an arduous process.

Now, on to adding your ingredients; slowly add in the first ingredient until it reached the weight you need. Zero out the weight again, and add your second ingredient until you reach the desired weight. Now, zero it out again, and so on. Simple, right? You’ll have mastered the kitchen scale in minutes! Wondering why you haven’t tried it sooner? Me too.

Now, throw away all three sets of those measuring spoons and cups you have stuffed in some drawer and log onto Burkett Restaurant Equipment to purchase your new favorite kitchen tool.

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