Buying Guide: What to Do before Buying a Ventilation Hood

Last updated on July 1st, 2022 at 01:35 pm

Are you opening a new restaurant? Maybe you’re re-modeling an existing establishment? A ventilation hood is an essential piece of commercial restaurant equipment that is required in all restaurants, hotels and other foodservice establishments. Vent fans, located inside the hood, pull in smoke, grease, oil, steam and odor; essentially leaving only clean air inside your kitchen.

Before you open your doors, your ventilation hood will need to be functioning and in good condition to meet various safety, food and health standards. In some cases, restaurant owners will need to adhere to both national and local codes and mandatory specifications for commercial kitchen equipment.

One of the first things to consider when buying a commercial ventilation hood is your fire code.  It is also important to determine the size and type of hood you’ll need. Most fire codes have specific requirements for commercial kitchens and concession stands. These will typically specify how much larger the ventilation hood should be than the cooking area it covers.

Before you start shopping, check the fire and safety codes in your area to ensure you purchase the correct piece of equipment that is sized to meet all the necessary cooking and fire suppression requirements and specifications. Keep in mind, national fire code in the US requires a minimum of a six inch overhang on all sides of your hood.

If your kitchen is designed so that your range, charbroiler and fryers are in the same area, one ventilation hood should be sufficient for the entire area. In addition, most kitchens will need a grease hood system to filter the grease vapors that are emitted while you’re cooking. Wall-type designs are common in commercial kitchens, and professional installers can do the job for you. Some would even offer to do regular maintenance and provide recommendations on how to properly maintain and use the equipment.

For those pizzeria owners out there, pizza ovens do not produce grease vapors, so a heat hood is all you’ll need. The same goes for areas that have dishwashers or steamers.

If you still have questions about which ventilation hood to purchase, call Burkett Restaurant Equipment at 419-720-8190. Whether you need a new ventilation hood or a custom ventilation hood, Burkett Restaurant Equipment will help you select the right piece of equipment for your foodservice establishment!

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