Take Our Bakeware Quiz!

Last updated on May 26th, 2021 at 03:12 pm

Think you know everything there is to know about baking? Test your skills with a fun Bakeware Quiz!

1. Which Pan would you use to bake a Cheesecake?

A- 10″ Angel Food Cake Pan

B-12″Spring Form Cake Pan

2. True or False:

Baking Sheet Pan has rimmed sides to prevent juice from spilling into the oven.

3. Which Pan is best for making a layered cake?

A- 8″ Cake Pan

B- Full Size Sheet Pan

4. Which Pan has a distinctive ridged ring shape?

A. Angel Food Cake Pan

B. Bundt Pan

5. A customer comes into your bakery and orders a cake for 23 people. What size Sheet Pan will you need?

A. 1/4 Sheet Pan

B. 1/2 Sheet Pan

C. Full Sheet Pan

So how do you think you did? Scroll to the bottom to get the answers.

All 5 Right…. You’re a Baking Genius!

3-4 Right…. You’re getting the hang of this baking stuff!

Less than 2… Head over to our website at burkett.com and research all the different pans before you bake your dessert!

Answers 1-B  2-True  3-A  4-B  5-A

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