In honor of National Cupcake Day~ Restaurant Review: Cake in a Cup

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 11:59 am

In honor of National Cupcake Day, Burkett Restaurant Equipment is featuring a wonderful cupcake shop and faithful customer in Toledo, Ohio. Cake in a Cup is Toledo’s premiere cupcake cafe, offering more varieties of cupcakes each day than I even knew existed!

Friends, Laurie and Dana started Toledo’s first and only trendy cupcake cafe, Cake in a Cup in 2008. Their compilation of delicious recipes and motivation from friends and family was all they needed to start their own business. According to Laurie and Dana, “Unless you’ve opened a restaurant, it’s a whole new experience” and not an easy one. However Burkett stepped up to the plate and made this whole process simple and easy.

Cake in a Cup lavish their customers with more than 30 different flavors of cupcakes, made in small batches to ensure that only the freshest cupcakes are served. Eight different cupcake flavors are whipped up each day and flavors are rotated daily to satisfy every palate type. Seasonal cupcakes like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip in the fall, Lemon Blueberry in the summer, and Devil Wears Prada Mint Edition in the winter are just a few of their specialty cupcake flavors! The most popular choice is Cookies and Cream- a chocolate cupcake with a full-sized Oreo inside, cookies and cream icing and a whole Oreo to top it off (is your mouth-watering yet?!) For all you plain Jane’s out there, Cake in a Cup also prepares a plain old Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes which are delicious and leave you wanting more.

What goes great with a gourmet cupcake? An espresso! Don’t worry, Cake in a Cup has that covered with a full espresso bar to eloquently complement your cupcake. They also have milk to help wash down the sugary goodness.

We recommend that you pre-order your specialty cupcakes to make sure the flavors you want are still there when you arrive, because when they sell out of a flavor, that’s it! Also once their sold out of everything they close for the day. Call in your order- no reservation is too small! Don’t forget to order a dozen or two for your holiday festivities! You’ll be the hit of the party and ensure your invitation to every party from this point forward. Not to mention, your guests will definitely thank you!

Here’s a little tip from Laurie and Dana~ Take your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe, stuff it with grape jelly, and top it off with Peanut Butter frosting and a dollop of grape jelly for homemade delicious PB&J Cupcakes. You can also just visit the great staff at Cake in a Cup for the freshest and prettiest specialty cupcakes you’ll ever devour!

Cake in a Cup is located at 6801 W. Central Ave (behind Tim Hortons and Next to Kyoto Ka). They are open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday 11am-4pm or until they sell out (and don’t forget- they sell out quick!!) Cake in a Cup also has Facebook Page with specials and promotions. You can contact them at 419-491-1104 If you’re in the Toledo area, go check them out, because at Cake in a Cup EVERY DAY is National Cupcake Day!

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