Burkett Hosts Nationwide Fast & Accurate Pizza Contest

Last updated on May 17th, 2024 at 09:58 am

16 Finalists from Marco’s Pizza stores across the country joined us at Burkett’s headquarters in Perrysburg, Ohio to compete for the title of the nation’s fastest and most accurate pizza maker.

2022 Marco's Pizza Fast and Accurate Pizza Making Contest at Burkett

The two companies have long enjoyed a partnership, and we at Burkett have loved watching Marco’s Pizza become one of the fastest-growing pizza brands in America with over 1,100 franchise locations open today. The pizza chain was launched here in the Toledo-area more than 40 years ago, with just a single location.

The competition goes by the name of Fast and Accurate, and it’s a fantastic demonstration of both. Competitors are timed creating a pepperoni pizza that meets specified quality standards and are subject to time penalties for improperly placed or mismeasured ingredients. The finalists competing for the national title were all winners in their regional contests with qualification rounds under 47 seconds.

2022 Marco's Pizza Fast and Accurate Pizza Making Contest at Burkett

We asked Marco’s for the meaning behind the event and were thrilled with the response. “Marco’s believes in challenging our team members to be their very best and to do so in ways that are fun and allow for everyone to show off their personalities. It’s such a thrill to see everyone embracing the competition and having a blast with it.” The energy in the competition-area was high, and to say it was a blast is an understatement. Competitors showed off their personalities with personally selected walk-up music, and the crowd was excited to support their favorite pizza makers.

2022 Marco's Pizza Fast and Accurate Pizza Making Contest at Burkett
First place winner, Corena Burton of Spring, Texas

It was Corena Burton of Spring, Texas who walked away with the $3,000 cash prize with an impressive time of 21.73 seconds. Corena’s performance was nearly 10 seconds less than last year’s winning time of 31.71 seconds. The Burkett Team applauds Corena and all of the contestants!

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