Vollrath Provides High Quality Commercial Smallwares!

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 02:00 pm

Vollrath is a major contributor in the cooking and food holding equipment market and Burkett is a proud supplier of many Vollrath items.

The Vollrath company offers a wide range of high-quality items, from full size serving counters to restaurant smallwares. Vollrath products are designed to increase productivity, inspire creativity, and increase profitability. They have been doing it for over a century, and their aim is simple: to help you exceed every day.

Whether you are running a concession stand, restaurant, cafeteria, or bar, chances are that you already have or could use some new Vollrath kitchen supplies.

Cooking Equipment

Vollrath has high quality commercial cooking equipment such as induction ranges, commercial griddles, and commercial charbroilers. Each piece of kitchen equipment comes in different sizes, capacities, and power levels, so that customers can find the right piece for whatever they are cooking.

Food Holding and Displaying

Vollrath R38716 60" 4-Pan Solid Base Cold Well Buffet

Once you have cooked foods to perfection, you don’t want them to dry out and definitely don’t want them to drop below safe serving temperatures. Have no fear, Vollrath has you covered once again. They offer a wide selection of cold food serving stations and hot food serving stations, as well as chafing dishes, display cases, and food warmers. Display cases and serving counters are available in heated, non-heated, and refrigerated so that you have all your bases covered.   


Steam table pans and saucepans are known to take quite the beating during their life in the kitchen. That is why it important that these types of cooking pans be durable and able to withstand any type of abuse. Vollrath has a huge selection of cookware that differs in size, shape, capacity, and even style.


Vollrath 4400N, 1" Lettuce King IV Lettuce Cutter

To complete your kitchens preparation stations, look at Vollrath’s excellent selection of food preparation equipment and smallware items. Items such as fruit and vegetable dicers, measuring cups, can openers, and mixing bowls are helpful in every kitchen. Finally get a Vollrath bussing cart to make transporting dirty and clean pans easy. 

Check out our collection of over 1000+ Vollrath products, in addition to the many other commercial kitchen supplies that we carry at Burkett Restaurant Supply.

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