Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Dog Ice Cream Recipe

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 11:15 am

Every dog-person loves it when someone is spoiling their pooch, especially with yummy treats! Whether you’re looking to create homemade ice cream for your dog at home or for your restaurant that has a dog friendly patio, this easy recipe with cute serving ideas is sure to bring all the dogs to the yard… or patio!

(Keep frozen for up to 6 months)

When choosing ingredients for your dog ice cream, you want to keep low sugar and non-toxic ingredients in mind. The more simple the better! We suggest banana, peanut butter & plain yogurt! Garnish with kibble or a dog treat if you feel like getting fancy with it (we suggest going over board!)

  • 8 ripe (peeled) bananas, 6 if they are large
    (Also try 100% pumpkin puree with a dash of maple syrup for the fall! Just substitute some bananas for the pumpkin)
  • 2 cups peanut butter, organic is best!
    (If not organic, be sure to avoid the toxic ingredient for dogs: xylitol)
  • 64 ounces plain Greek yogurt or low-fat / low-sugar yogurt (2 large containers)

If you’re new to the homemade dog food world, check out this article that explains which human foods are safe and aren’t safe for dogs to consume!


  • Add all ingredients to your blender (cut recipe in half if you do not have a large blender like this Vitamix XL Blender System)
  • Blend until all ingredients are smooth & creamy
  • Pour into a tray/dish and freeze!
    (To pop into a patio safe bowl after frozen, use ice cube trays or molds. To go directly from blender, to freezer, to pooch – a 2 ounce ramekins will do the job! What is a ramekin?)


When serving doggy ice cream to your customer’s pooch, consider going the extra mile to show you care… and to make it onto their owner’s social media!

  • Portions should be small, around 2 ounces for a medium sized dog.
  • Think about presentation and add a few pieces of kibble on top and garnish with a dog treat or pretzels!

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