Who do I contact to get warranty service?

Burkett works with a wide-range of manufacturers to offer quality restaurant products, but sometimes equipment breaks down or stops working. If your commercial kitchen equipment becomes defective, you may be eligible for repair or replacement.

Warranty repairs are available for some products sold by Burkett and covered under manufacturer warranties. Warranty terms and conditions differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and may depend on factors like the use of the product and when the product was purchased.

Think your restaurant equipment may need a service call?

Over time, you might need to have something replaced for one reason or another and will need to file a warranty claim with the equipment manufacturer. We want to help you get the support you are looking for in the most efficient way. That’s why listed below are direct links to phone numbers and warranty information for some of our top manufacturers.

While warranty conditions may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, you should have the following handy to expedite the process: Product Registration/Serial Number, Model Number, and Retail Place of Purchase.

Let’s get you the support you need.

Alto-Shaam https://bit.ly/2ny1gjj 800-558-8744
Beverage-Air https://bit.ly/2nsCCR5 877-866-1223
Blodgett https://bit.ly/2mVwRLJ 802-658-6600
Carter-Hoffman https://bit.ly/2m4GdV5 800-323-9793
Hatco https://bit.ly/2mWKNF6 800-558-0607
Ice-O-Matic https://bit.ly/2Zvk4kx 800-423-3367
Kolpak https://bit.ly/2MHO5ry 800-225-9916
Manitowoc https://bit.ly/2ZjgquO 920-682-0161
Nemco https://bit.ly/32dqd2K 800-782-6761
Scotsman https://bit.ly/2ZCzQGB 800-726-8762
Southbend https://bit.ly/349oIUT 919-762-1000
Star https://bit.ly/2HxGg3z 800-264-7827
True https://bit.ly/32dCFzn 855-878-9277
Turbo Air https://bit.ly/2HtMlOg 800-381-7770
Vitamix https://bit.ly/2ZBRqyi 800-848-2649
Vulcan https://bit.ly/2Hx64wp 800-814-2028

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