Burkett Colleague Connect, with Todd in Marketing

Last updated on June 8th, 2022 at 11:55 am

Burkett is revamping our online attitude. We want to give you a better look at how we operate and who is working behind the scenes to make your buying experience the best. Allow me to introduce the Burkett Colleague Connect. These blog posts will highlight the professionals here at Burkett that are working with and for you.
This month’s Burkett Colleague Connect features Todd Norton, our resident Internet Marketing Manager. Todd and I recently sat down to discuss how he feels about Burkett now, and what he hopes to see in the future.

  1. How long have you worked for Burkett Restaurant Equipment? Close to seven and a half years.
  1. What has changed the most in that time? Our corporate structure. Also, a better utilization of data analyses to make informed decisions.
  1. How would you describe Burkett’s culture in three words? Young, Energetic, Motivated
  1. What is something about the Burkett environment that someone wouldn’t notice at first glance? How strongly passionate we are about seeing the company succeed.
  1. Why is Internet Marketing important to our business?  Most companies in our industry do not have a web presence and being able to leverage the market through search engines and other web portals is a significant advantage when trying to increase product awareness.  Online purchasing is much more relevant year after year being that it takes less time and effort to make a purchase online, instead of going to a local shop where all you get is what they have in stock.  Every year there are new websites that customers may flock to; Burkett must be marketing where the customers are, or where customers are most likely to find us.
  1. Where do you want to see Burkett’s Internet Marketing strategy going in two years? Real Time Data analysis.  Anything in real time will become much more important in the future, and will allow us to make changes and see successes or failures at a moment’s notice. Through the use of technology, we could see industry data and tie that in with our own data to make better and well informed decisions for advertising and promotion.  We will also need to promote in many more diverse segments and services in order to continue to be a knowledgeable and respected leader in the foodservice industry.
  1. What do you look forward to at Burkett? I am excited about the opportunity of utilizing new technologies to advance our company in the industry.  I don’t feel our industry is quite advanced as it ought to be when it comes to pulling new and accurate product information, pricing, and shipping information from vendors.  This will eventually lead to an enhanced customer experience.

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2 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    I agree with all his statements!