ServSafe Tips to Keep Your Customers Safe

Last updated on May 27th, 2022 at 09:18 am

One of the more challenging areas of the foodservice industry is food safety. Training through ServSafe can help make this a more manageable task. ServSafe is a program administered by the National Restaurant Association and is accredited by the Conference for Food Protection and by ANSI. Although each state and individual county health department sets specific regulations, here are some tips from our in-house ServSafe certified expert to help you become a leader in food safety.

  1. Always ensure that the person in charge of each shift has knowledge of local regulations.
  2. Timers and Thermometers with a range of 0°-220°F can help ensure accurate temperature checks.
  3. Choose a stem thermometer to ensure internal temperatures are within range.
  4. Some thermometers are programmable and can be set to automatically take and store information which can be downloaded to a PC later creating easy and accurate logs.
  5. Avoid overfilling pans, doing so will cause temperature variations throughout the food.
  6. Be sure to stir products to ensure a constant temperature throughout.
  7. Use Rapid Cools to safely bring hot foods down to correct temperature, they have a easy to read fill line so you know just how much product they can cool safely (San Jamar makes these in two sizes)
  8. If you do not use a rapid cool, you can transfer hot product to a shallow pan, cover and vent a corner. Place the pan in the cooler to allow product to reach a safe holding temperature within the proper time frame.
  9. Keep Red Clean Pails at all workstations and at easily accessible areas throughout the kitchen.
  10. Keep Knives in sanitizing solution so they are always ready to go when you are.
  11. Be sure food handlers change gloves after every operation and wash their hands diligently..
  12. An item such as a Cutting Board Mat under a cutting board will keep it from sliding while you work.
  13. Be sure all items are labeled and dated appropriately.
  14. Keep all surfaces clean and and sanitized.
  15. Using colored cutting boards for different food types can help reduce the risk of cross contamination.

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  1. Bridget Ngambu says:

    How can Burkett be of help in Africa to assist me with my food service delivery and equipment

    • Burkett says:

      Hi Bridget, unfortunately Burkett is a US-based dealer ad we do not direct-ship internationally. If you can’t find inventory in your country, you could consider working with a freight-forwarder and a member of our sales team would be happy to assist you!