Work Table Buying Guide

Last updated on May 26th, 2021 at 03:53 pm

You cannot prepare a magnificent dish in your kitchen if you do not have anywhere to prepare it. That’s why Work Tables are essential in any commercial kitchen as they provide your chefs with the space they need to mix, chop, and assemble signature dishes and meals.

Work Tables… Stationary Work Tables are an excellent way to provide extra work space for your chefs. Designed for heavy commercial use, Work Tables have stainless steel tops and adjustable shelves for extra storage, making them easy to clean as well as customizable.

Utility Carts…It is often necessary to be able to move equipment, ingredients, and supplies around your commercial kitchen or business. Since utility Carts come with wheels, they are perfect for moving items throughout your entire kitchen. Available in plastic or stainless steel for easy cleaning, and with a 700 pounds capacity, Utility Carts are a versatile and vital part of your kitchen.

Dolly with Push Handle…Move dishes, boxes, and deliveries with ease.

Shelf Utility Cart… Multiple shelves allow for extra room for moving foodstuff, plates, and portable small appliances.

Service Cart… Perfect for busing tables or room service deliveries.

Equipment Stands… Keep regularly used small appliances like Microwaves and Countertop Mixers within easy reach by utilizing a stationary or mobile Equipment Stand. They come in a variety of sizes- as small as 12″ all the way to a spacious 72″ surface. Most Equipment Stands are made from galvanized stainless steel which offers any kitchen a sturdy and durable space to place to place kitchen gadgets. Specialty Equipment Stands can also be purchased for specific equipment such as Grill Stands and steam kettle stands. Many of these stands are designed for certain equipment while others are meant to be used for products made by a specific manufacturers. These stands often provide the proper electrical hook-ups for products, or simply give the necessary support needed for a certain piece of equipment.

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