Product Palooza! What NOT to Do with an Immersion Blender!

Last updated on May 13th, 2024 at 01:14 pm

There’s no denying the versatility of an Immersion Blender. There are some pretty neat things you can do with it. For our Product Palooza topic for today, we’re going to tell you a few things that an Immersion Blender should not be used for.

Can Immersion Blenders braid hair?

  • No. Due to the broad ends of an immersion blender, braiding hair would be difficult. Also, because of the high horsepower, unintended consequences might be in store, such as: scalping, hair removal, and getting a handheld appliance stuck in your hair.To braid hair, you’ll want to purchase the Braid Magic (looks like an Immersion Blender, but won’t hurt you!)

Can an Immersion Blender harm someone?

  • Yes. Due to the high rotations that an Immersion Blender has, you can break skin or cause significant harm to someone else. Please do not assault someone with this machine.

Can an Immersion Blender unclog a toilet?

  • No. Although an Immersion Blender does create a suction in a pot, it will not be able to create a suction strong enough to unclog a toilet.Nor will the head of the blender reach down far enough into the toilet to chop/blend up the clog. If you attempt this, we remind you to thoroughly sanitize your Immersion Blender before reusing.

Can Immersion Blenders protect you from zombies?

  • The shaft’s end can be sharpened with the proper tools, so it can be customized to defend yourself if a zombie apocalypse occurs. However, the portability comes into question because most commercial Immersion Blenders are corded. Seeing as most zombie survival experts push for being mobile, seeking out an outlet for your Immersion Blender of Doom is not going to help in your survival.
We hope you got a few laughs out of this. Did we miss any DO NOT’S? Share them below!

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