Benefits of a Quick Disconnect Gas Connector

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 01:06 pm

Have you heard the saying, “Small Investment Big Pay-Off!”? Well, a Quick Disconnect Gas Connector is one of those small investments with a big pay-off. There are several reason why we advise that businesses pay a little extra for this product as opposed to a Stationary Gas Connector Hose.

1. Health Departments Prefer Them Over Standard Gas Connectors…. Quick Disconnect Gas Connectors have a “thermal shut-off” safety feature which automatically shuts off the gas flow when internal temperatures exceed 350ºF. The “Safety Quick” feature also prevents users from accidentally turning on the gas while the appliance is not connected to the gas line and also prevents the hose from being disconnected when gas is flowing. These two features will keep you, your customers and employees, as well as your business safe and minimize fire hazards.

2.  They take less time and are easier to install than Standard Gas Connectors…. The Quick Disconnect Gas Connector has a “push-to-connect” quick disconnect that allows convenient one-handed operation to safely and quickly disconnect the gas line when needed. Installing and disconnecting is made simple with the Dormont SnapFast Quick Disconnect Technology.

  • To Connect: Push coupling components together until they snap into place.
  • To Disconnect: Push or pull the operating ring and the coupling will immediately separate and gas flow will shut off.

3. They Allow Equipment to Be Easily Disconnected and Moved for Cleaning or Servicing….  Disconnecting a Quick Disconnect Gas Connector is easy and quick which will decrease service technician’s labor costs. Another factor to consider is your employees handling of gas equipment. According to Sales Consultant Andrew Martinez, restaurateurs must remember,”When your employees move a unit to clean around it, or pick something up, they may not understand how far they can move the unit and cause a Standard Gas Connector to release from the gas supply. This will allow gas to flow, be exposed to flames, and create a very dangerous situation.”

So the next time you are purchasing an equipment that requires a gas connection, we strongly recommend that you purchase a Quick Disconnect Gas Connector. If you already have a Standard Gas Connector you can still replace it with a Quick Disconnect Gas Connector. If you have any questions about this product, the Burkett Sales Consultants can assist you.

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