How to Maintain Your Knives

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 01:07 pm

A good Cutlery Set is expensive, but proper maintenance will help extend their life. Follow these simple steps.

Cleaning… Wash and immediately dry Knives after each use to avoid lime scale and water spots using only  soap (other cleaners can ruin your knives) and a cotton cloth is best for drying. Stainless Steel Knives are not dishwasher safe and Wooden Handled Knives should not be soaked in water.

Avoid Rusting…. Rust is unsightly and can deteriorate the performance of your cutlery. To banish rust, clean with a steel wool scouring pad. To protect against rust, coat the blade and handle with oil, soak for a couple of minutes, then dry with a clean paper towel until it feels smooth, but not oily. An extra tip: Do not drip dry- wipe dry with a cotton cloth immediately after washing.

Sharpening…. Dull blades can be a hazard so periodically sharpen your blade for best use. There are several different ways to sharpen your knives depending on the material and your preference. Using a Sharpening Stone, Electric knife sharpener, razor strap, sharpening steel, or a wired wheel are just a few ways.

Storing… Improperly stored knives can not only ruin you knife, but it can also be dangerous to you and your staff. Never loosely store knives in drawer. There are several options to safely store them when not in use. Use a magnetic wall rack, Knife Block (countertop, wall-mounted, or under-cabinet), or in a separate Drawer Tray.

Use It Properly…. Knives are made for cutting and slicing. While tempting to do so, never use a knife as a chisel, hammer, pry bar or screwdriver to avoid damaging the blade and injuring yourself.

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