Supplies You Need to Cater a Buffet

Supplies you need to cater a buffet - wedding - graduations and more

Last updated on June 10th, 2022 at 10:51 am

Summer is filled with celebrations, from weddings and graduation parties to holiday get-togethers. Whether you’re a small, start-up catering business, a mom preparing to celebrate her recent grad, or a large banquet hall gearing up for wedding season, Burkett Restaurant Equipment has all of the serving line equipment and supplies you need – from setting up to tearing down – at the right price.

Catering & Buffet Supplies

Serving and Display Ware
One of the most important parts of a successful catering experience is the manner in which food and drink is served. For businesses, this means it is vital they have the proper equipment and supplies to present and serve food in an appealing and efficient manner.

Chafers, Dishes & Accessories
High-quality chafers, including stainless steel chafers, chafing pans, and accessories will keep your buffet elegant and efficient.


Food Storage Containers or Bags
Preparing and storing food items or ingredients ahead of time increases efficiency and keeps food fresh up until serving time. Make sure that your operation has the appropriate storage devices for the food you are storing. Ingredient bins are designed to hold bulk, dry ingredients and come with swivel casters to easily move them around a catered party. For bulk refrigerated or dry ingredients, try a food box.
Another thing to consider about food storage is properly containing food to eliminate the risk of cross-contaminating foods. Produce is particularly vulnerable to contamination from other food sources. Be careful and make sure that your food is properly sealed and properly stored.
Food Carrier Bags are a great way to keep smaller portions of food warm for several hours.


Banquet Cabinets
From Sunday brunch to memorable events and tabletop displays, banquet carts are valuable pieces of catering equipment when it comes to promoting your culinary excellence. Banquet carts/cabinets are designed to be mobile, keeping hot goods fresh for foodservice operations. Banquet cabinets are especially great for catering services because of their mobility. Hot food transport carts typically have capacities ranging from 14 to 36 pans.

Pro Cart Ultra by Cambro keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot.

The Cambro Pro Cart Ultra is a great option for keeping cold foods cold and hot foods hot in one system. The casters make it easy to transport and keeps foods hot or cold for four hours.


Hot & Cold Buffet Stations
When the temperature of the food you serve is a priority, having the right equipment is vital. Cold buffet stations make it easy to keep your cold food chilled and ready to serve. Hot buffet stations are great for cafeterias, presentations, traveling restaurants, and catering companies because they are mobile. Utility buffet stations make it easy to keep your cold food chilled and ready to serve.
You can choose from refrigerated cold food serving stations and non-refrigerated cold food serving stations to meet your business needs depending on what you are serving and where you are serving it at.

An easy checklist for your catering needs

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