Today is National Cappuccino Day

Last updated on June 30th, 2022 at 12:36 pm

cappuccino on plate with leafToday is National Cappuccino Day! It’s a good thing this holiday is today because with the change of time, lots of us are waking up a lot earlier than we’d like. There is not better way to start your morning or end your evening than with a cup of hot and frothy cappuccino. It’s quite easy to go over to Starbucks or your local coffee shop and order a cappuccino anytime of day. What is difficult is finding a restaurant that offers the drink on their menu. You know, after a deliciously prepared meal your body craves a cappuccino, so you ask your server to bring you a cup of that frothy goodness only to find out they don’t offer it. Don’t let your restaurant make that mistake. Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries a large selection of espresso machines that will give your restaurant that edge. Check out these amazing commercial cappuccino machines. It will bring the enchanting flavor of European Espressos straight to your serving table, with fully automatic dispensing for easy operations. No more struggling with confusing, bulky, hard-to-read units, this innovative espresso maker comes in a user-friendly design, with touch pad controls and a LED display for added convenience.

Create an elegant leaf with the cappuccino milk to really impress your customers. With a little bit of practice, it’s not too difficult to perfect!

  1. Don’t use a cup with a straight side, but rather one that is curved as you need the milk to flow up and out from the edge in a nice curvy manner. If the sides would fit comfortably into your hands if you held it in both hands without using the handle, then that is a good shape.
  2. Start out by pouring the milk directly through the espresso so that it pierces the crema.  Aim from the center of the cup towards the edge.
  3. Once the milk starts coming back up through the espresso from the edge, move the flow to the edge where the milk is coming up.  Move your wrist from side to side while also moving to the opposite side of the cup.
  4. While doing so, also make the side to side motion narrower and narrower to form the tip of the leaf pattern.

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