Unique Way To Display Your Warm Food

As you struggle to find ways to increase business with today’s economic conditions, try thinking outside the “display case”.  Check out the variety of unique heated display items that are offered to a variety of customers. A variety of countertop displays, merchandisers, shelves and many more products provide an ability to give your business the ability to display your products effectively. Portability is what makes these equipment so desirable to many business owners.

When you can display your product in a way that is different from everyone else, it makes your establishment a place to go instead of that “other place”. The variety of different shapes and sizes of units bring versatility as they can be worked in different formats such as buffet, grazing station or grab-n-go

Upgrade your displays to attract more customers which will add value to your business. Take the time to check out what these displays have to offer to your business.

For more information reach out to one of our trusted sales reps or visit us at burkett.com.

HAACP Compliant In Summer

Now that we are entering the dog days of August, lets stop and make sure we are HAACP compliant. Lets make sure we have an inexpensive thermometer in all of our refrigeration units.

If we are utilizing left over soups and sauces, make sure you cool them in either a shallow pan in the cooler or use the rapid kool paddles. Make sure you only fill these up to the mark indicated or they will crack when the water freezes and expands.

Board of Health may want to see the use of covers for the waste containers in your kitchen. We are in peak fly season you know!. Make sure your staff is using food service gloves properly and changing them often enough.
After every task recommended, ice should be transported only in a designated container such as the ice tote. Is your ice scoop stored in the ice in the bin? Make sure it is kept according to what your local codes dictate. Are all potentially hazard food properly labeled with the use by date , if not I like the dissolvable labels the best.

These are just some of the items you want to make sure you have on hand. Remember, one case of preventable food poisoning can cost an operator up to and beyond $20,000 to take care of.

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Blenders…Which One Do I Need?

So should I save money and buy a basic bar blender for less than 100 bucks knowing I am doing ice drinks and smoothies? Or should I spend a little more and have it last longer?

A basic bar blender is designed for about 1 to 24 drinks a day. If you make a little more than that look into one with a half horsepower motor and is designed to crush ice effectively. With a stronger motor and a blade configured for ice it will do a better job of blending the product.

Need more production? There is a blender that gives you the horsepower you will need at peak operation. These are rated at 75 drinks or more per day. Remember the right equipment for the task at hand.

For more information on blenders check out burkett.com or reach out to one of our trusted sales reps.

Restaurant Equipment Repair or Replace?

Is your ice machine, convection oven or your fryer is down yet again? You have repaired is number of times, which gets you thinking, repair it again or replace it? If you have repaired it a number of times and it is breaking down in other ways, it may be time to stop throwing money away and just replace it. If you consider going reconditioned, make sure you buy from a company that has a service staff that can refurbish that unit so that it meets today’s code and can give you some type of warranty on it. The problem with used is it may break down in six months or so as well. With the economic times being tough, it will cost less to buy used, allowing you to get up and running sooner. Replacing with the used equipment allows you time to research and find new equipment to your liking. If you are just starting a restaurant than I can suggest buying new and used equipment to help lower your start up cost.

Something to consider when buying new is that a lot of equipment is Energy Star rated, which equates into lower operating cost through energy efficiency. Depending on your location in the USA there may be some credit from your electric company. Do your research and ask questions of your dealer so you can make an intelligent decision.

For more information on both new and used equipment visit us at burkett.com or reach out to one of our trusted sales reps.

Look for Sales Consultants, Not Sales Order Takers

It is so important to find the equipment you NEED not the equipment you WANT. Many sales rep run across people on a daily basis that seek the dream of starting and owning a restaurant but have no prior knowledge or experience. The question then comes, how do you bridge the gap between the people who have the knowledge of the equipment and operation of restaurants to the people who desire to open and run a business with little knowledge or experience? The answer is simple, seeking out a professional who can listen to what the customer wants to accomplish to guide them through the process.

Thus, a sales rep job is to bridge that gap and form a relationship with that client to guide them along to ensure they are creating that partner like relationship. This relationship is built on trust and the job of the rep should be telling the customer whether or not the item they are seeking or looking at is the best piece of equipment for the job. If a sales person just tries to “sell” them what makes him or her the most money, then in my opinion that person does not have the customers best interest at heart.

Top of line equipment is not always necessary to get the job done. On the other hand the cheapest piece of equipment just to save money may not be the most cost-effective way to go either. Researching and asking questions to a trusted sales rep rather than just an order taker is what you need. Finding a consultant that works for you and has your interest and your long term success interest at heart.

For more information reach out to one of our trusted sales reps or visit us at burkett.com.

Price Comparison Shopping

Whether you’re buying a new microwave for the home, or a new commercial refrigerator for the business, there are various tools that you can use online to find the right item at the best price. Price comparison shopping has become one of the most popular ways to shop now, using shopping networks.

Shopping Networks
Shopping Networks let you search then compare products against other sellers.

We here at Burkett Restaurant Equipment can be found in all of these shopping networks. We’re also online at burkett.com and at 800-828-8564, so feel free to check us out anytime.

New Dishware Freshens Up Look of Restaurants

Dinner plateThe other day I was out eating at a local sports bar. I happened to notice the dishware brought to our table was of different patterns. It seems that businesses do not fully realize the impression they are leaving on patrons by serving food on old mismatched, out-of-date dishware. Adding new dishware is a simple way of creating a new look for any restaurant, bar, deli, bakery, or pizzeria. Next time you feel you may need new dishware for your business, you’re probably right.  Dishware is not costly and running low on dishware regularly happens in fast-moving restaurants where plates and dishes are easily broken.

Check out Burkett and browse our complete line of quality dishware at a very affordable price.

Used Restaurant Equipment And Your Business

If looking to buy restaurant equipment, you may be considering the option to buy used. Know what you’re getting into before jumping in head first. Used restaurant equipment has many pros and cons. Let’s examine a few of these.

PROS: You save money! Used restaurant equipment can be nearly half the price of that same new product. More often than not, used restaurant equipment isn’t so old.  Many restaurants go out of business within the first two years leaving many used units available for sale.

CONS: Using used restaurant equipment can be a risky choice by some owners. Whether it be too old for your staff to figure out how to work it or simply old parts corrupting the unit to go bad. Used restaurant equipment may not look as good as a brand new unit. If your customers plan on seeing the unit on an everyday basis, such as merchandisers and display cases, you must be sure it is free from defects.

THINGS YOU CAN DO TO AVOID THE CONS:  Avoiding risky used restaurant equipment can be simple. Look for warranties on your used restaurant equipment. Is your equipment reconditioned or refurbished? If so your unit will last much longer than a normal piece of used restaurant equipment. You can often negotiate special pricing when dealing with used restaurant equipment.

Check out Burkett Restaurant Equipment’s website for a great selection of used restaurant equipment. All items are reconditioned and come with an industry-best 90-day parts and labor warranty!

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