Burkett Certified: How Used Restaurant Equipment Gets New Life

Used Restaurant Equipment Process

Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 10:49 am

Over 40 years ago, used restaurant equipment opened the doors to our business.

Lead service technician Bob Blausey diagnoses a used ice cream machine.
Bob Blausey, Lead Service Technician

Today, the market is flooded with options for new and used commercial restaurant equipment.

Online, off market, in stores, in garages, the options of where to buy used restaurant equipment are endless. However, buying from these sources can be uncertain.

Without the right knowledge and skills to recondition restaurant equipment, damaged or dirty internal components may go unnoticed, resulting in a headache for you down the line.

At Burkett, we take a different approach.

With a dedicated service team and our comprehensive reconditioning process, we bring new life to used restaurant equipment, creating Burkett Certified Products.

From repairing and replacing defective components to enhancing aesthetics, we deliver hassle-free, quality units at an excellent value.

We care about what we do because not only is it a reflection of our individual technicians, it’s a refection of Burkett as a whole and our commitment to quality.

The History of Burkett and Used Restaurant Equipment

Founded in 1977, Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies was formed on a single goal – to make it easy for our business customers to create the best dining experience for their customers.

In the years since, we’ve built the team and structures needed to carry out this vision in every aspect of our business. A large part of this has been Burkett’s unique used equipment restoration process.

As the restaurant industry advances, so have our techniques.

Owner and CEO Jameel Burkett has played a vital role in this process.

With irreplaceable industry knowledge and relationships, Jameel has overhauled our process for acquiring used inventory.

“Burkett originated as a used equipment dealer and I am proud to carry on that tradition today. While we have expanded the business into other facets, buying and selling used equipment will always be a large part of our company. With our growth, we have had the opportunity to partner with larger brands to bring in higher volumes of scratch and dent items to offer our customers at great price points. Giving these items a second chance through our used equipment process not only helps businesses keep their costs down for their customers, but the reduced waste also has positive environmental impacts.”

Jameel Burkett, CEO, Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

Building great working relationships with industry respected brands allows the Burkett team to buy the highest quality used pieces of restaurant equipment to bring you a wide selection of reconditioned products.

What We Do Today

Home to the Midwest’s largest selection of used restaurant equipment, we average an inventory of 120 pieces of used and clearance restaurant equipment in our Perrysburg, OH showroom.

Our wide selection of used products allows our sales team to find the perfect fit for your restaurant, every time.

Michelle Greer, an inside sales representative at Burkett, shared some of the top reasons her customers choose used restaurant equipment:

  1. Used restaurant equipment is available to ship same-day in most cases.
  2. Our showroom allows you to see and interact with units before buying.
  3. We stock commonly found used restaurant equipment, as well as unique one-off items to fit your business’ needs.
  4. Our comprehensive warranty program gives you peace-of-mind that your investment is protected.
  5. Restaurant owners and operators love the value used equipment can bring to their bottom line.
Michelle Greer, an inside sales representative for Burkett.
Michelle Greer, Inside Sales Representative

What is Burkett Certified Used Restaurant Equipment?

Used commercial restaurant equipment can mean a lot of things.

At Burkett, we separate our used equipment into categories based on the unit’s condition. This allows us to ensure that you’re getting the right equipment for your restaurant, for the best value.

Here’s how it works:

  • Used – Refurbished restaurant equipment that was previously owned and operated.
  • Scratch & Dent – Units direct from manufacturers or customers that were damaged during delivery or installation.
  • Floor Model – Items that have been used for staging or returned upon delivery for reasons other than damage (I.e.: wrong size, does not meet application needs)
  • Demo – Items that are open-box or lightly used for demonstrations that are no longer in their original packaging.
Scratch & dent Moffat countertop oven.

Price is determined based on where a unit falls in these categories. Each item is assessed individually to ensure it’s priced appropriately and competitively.

How Can I Sell My Used Restaurant Equipment?

Your business is booming, you love serving delicious food, nothing can stop you! Except maybe a broken oven, refrigerator, range, you name it.

When your commercial equipment doesn’t work, neither does your business.

Burkett’s service manager Bob Scharer knows that when your restaurant equipment stops working, it’s crucial to your business to have the item removed and replaced quickly.

That’s where Burkett can help. Instead of arranging for the broken unit to be thrown out, visit our website, and fill out this used restaurant equipment form.

Here you can provide information about your restaurant equipment, photos of the unit, and other information to help determine if it meets the requirements for our purchase program.

Bob personally reviews each submitted form to find the best solution to keep your business running.

Bob is committed to leading his team to produce high-quality results. On a normal day at Burkett, you’ll find him walking the service floor, troubleshooting with our technicians, and finding the right fix for each item that enters the building.

This hands-on approach carries over into his customer service.

That could include:

  • A follow up phone call or e-mail to better understand your business needs.
  • Discussing options to remove the item to keep your business running.
  • Information on potential replacement items for a great value.
  • Hands-on support and expert knowledge throughout the process.
Bob Scharer, service manager at Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies.
Bob Scharer, Service Manager

How Does Used Equipment Become Burkett Certified?

With over 20 years of combined experience, the team of service technicians at Burkett runs seamlessly to recondition used restaurant equipment.

To ensure each item we recondition is ready to perform for years to come, our team follows a rigorous restoration process:

  1. Assess the unit to diagnose the cause of malfunction.
  2. Clean the item inside and out (keep reading to learn how)
  3. Order and install the appropriate parts.
  4. Address any cosmetic repairs necessary.
  5. Perform in-depth quality control.

To pass quality control, each item is plugged in, and all electrical components are tested for shorts and frayed wiring. Additionally, the units are left on and tested for several hours to ensure they maintain required temperatures.

Depending on the type of unit, the testing period can stretch up to 24 hours to simulate everyday use in the field.

Thanks to the attention to detail, and dedication of our team, we have a 95% pass rate for all quality control.

Should I Buy Used Restaurant Equipment?

To answer this question, we knew we had to talk to the best of the best.

Lead service technician, Bob Blausey, has seen just about everything when it comes to used restaurant equipment. Not only has he been with Burkett for nearly a decade, but he brings with him years of experience repairing refrigeration HVAC systems.

We asked Bob B. what the most common cause of a malfunctioning unit is.

The answer was resounding (from the whole team!): neglect.

Years of heavy use without proper care will turn your brand-new item into a painful replacement. Many of the damaged units we recondition require new parts and hours of labor to undo the result of poor upkeep.

We recommend building a maintenance plan for your commercial restaurant equipment to keep your business running smoothly.

The best part of being a part of the service team at Burkett? Bob says, “I like working here, everyone cares about the quality of work.”

If there’s anyone we’d trust with our restaurant equipment, it’s Bob B. He’s a man of few words, but he knows his stuff.

What Will My Used Restaurant Equipment Look Like?

Appearance may be last on your list of concerns in case of restaurant equipment failure, but we’ve got you covered.

Burkett’s service team takes great pride in producing high-quality reconditioned restaurant equipment, inside and out.

Upon arrival, each item is stripped and power washed to remove any build-up from its earlier life. Our facility is equipped with a heavy-duty cleaning booth and sandblasting system to get every unit looking new.

Dents that can be reversed are addressed. Missing or scuffed paint is sanded and refinished in our dedicated paint booth.

These details can be the difference between liking and loving your used restaurant equipment.

As Bob B. says, “There’s clean, and then there’s Burkett clean.”

Scratch & dent Migali sandwich prep table.

Does Burkett Used Restaurant Equipment Come with a Warranty?

Simply put, yes.

Burkett offers several types of warranties to cover your used restaurant equipment in the case of an unforeseen malfunction.

  • Full manufacturer’s warranty – For Scratch & Dent, Floor Model, and Demo units that qualify.
  • Limited Warranty (90-Day) – For Scratch & Dent, Floor Model, and Demo units that do not qualify for a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • 90-Day Burkett Warranty – For used items with an electrical connection.
  • As-is – Applies to items with no manufacturer warranty and no electrical connection.
  • CPS Extended Warranty – 100% Parts & Labor Coverage after all other warranties expire.

Ask your dedicated sales associate about warranty options to protect your investment.

Shop Used Restaurant Equipment at Burkett!

Burkett’s service department is proud to be the driving force behind our used restaurant equipment program, and we’re beyond grateful to have them.

If you’re still not sure used commercial equipment is right for you, check out our blog on the Top 4 Reasons to Choose Used Restaurant Equipment.