Tips for Restaurant Branded Merchandise

Last updated on September 27th, 2023 at 10:58 am

Strong branding generates new business and stimulates curiosity about your restaurant’s experience. Selling branded goods is a viable and fun way to make additional money and gain greater exposure in your area.

What is branded merchandise?

As the name suggests, branded merchandise is an assortment of items your restaurant can sell promoting your brand. Branded merchandise is a collection of products that display your restaurant’s name or logo.  

You can sell a wealth of items such as clothing, kitchen utensils, and other items with your brand front and center. And your customers can provide you with not only compensation but with free promotion and advertisement.

Be sure you can turn a profit when looking to invest in promotional products. Only if there is a demand for your products will selling merchandise at your eatery or bar be viable.

Since certain products are more cost-effective than others, you should choose products that satisfy customer desires and fit within your budget.

What restaurant branded merchandise can you sell?

As an owner or manager, it is important to be familiar with your customers. This way you’ll be able to make more informed decisions on what products they may desire. Choosing the right branded products can be easy if you understand your customer base.

There is really no end to the different types of branded merchandise you can provide. Choose things that are related to the type of business or atmosphere you have.

Here are a few favorites when it comes to branded merch:

T-shirts: Branded t-shirts with the restaurant logo, tagline, or a creative design can help your brand stand out amongst others.

Mugs or tumblers: Coffee mugs with the restaurant logo or a catchy phrase can be practical and serve as a reminder of the restaurant. Mugs are a great idea for cafes and coffee shops.

Magnets: Customized magnets can be placed on refrigerators, serving as a constant reminder of the restaurant’s offerings. By providing a phone number or online ordering QR code, customers can quickly start an order.

Stickers: Branded stickers can be used for promotional purposes or given as freebies to customers, allowing them to be placed anywhere.

Glassware: Customized glassware, such as pint glasses or wine glasses, can be popular among customers who enjoy collecting restaurant memorabilia. Visitors to a winery, distillery, or bar, may desire branded glassware to enjoy their favorite spirits at home.

Sauces and marinades: Selling your signature sauces allows customers to enjoy your tastes from home. Customers can share marinades with friends who may have never had them.

How to showcase your branded merchandise

It is important to promote your merchandise so customers can find it and purchase it.

It is ideal to showcase your merch at the entrance and/or exit of your restaurant. That way customers will be tempted on their way in, as well as on the way out. You can sell branded shirts and hats at your cashier stands to lure customers into one final purchase.

In today’s world, having a website for your restaurant or bar is almost a must. This online store is another great place to sell merchandise. You can extend your offerings more online since you don’t need to find physical space to store and show off products within the dining room. When you have an online store, you can still drive customers into the restaurant by offering specials for in-person purchases.

Promotional Tips

People love saving money and getting good deals! You can increase merchandise sales by using different marketing ideas to draw in customers. Using discounts, giveaways, and specials 

Setup an online store – Digital shopping continues to grow rapidly. Thus, opening an online store is more appealing for more and more customers each year. Having a presence online also helps your brand extend its reach. Online stores can be easier to manage or can even be run by an outside party.

Utilize social media – Organize contests on social media platforms where customers can participate to win exclusive branded merchandise. You can promote new branded merchandise on Facebook, Instagram, and others. Include links to your online store, or discounts for in-person purchases. 

Email marketing campaigns – Include images or special offers for your branded merchandise in your restaurant’s email newsletters. Highlight the benefits or limited availability to drive interest and sales.

Giveaways – Provide select merchandise as freebies or giveaways during special events, promotions, or as a gesture of appreciation to loyal customers. Using social media, as well as in-house advertising, giveaways of merchandise can draw in new customers.

Branded packaging– Incorporate your restaurant’s branding on takeout bags, food containers, or delivery packaging. This reinforces brand visibility and turns each order into a promotional opportunity.

Employee attire – Equip your staff with branded merchandise like T-shirts, caps, or aprons. They serve as walking advertisements and create a consistent brand image.

Customer testimonials – Encourage customers to share photos or endorsements featuring your branded merchandise on social media. Offer incentives or discounts for those who participate, further promoting your brand.

Selling branded goods can be a very profitable endeavor and a great way to expand your brand. But before making an investment, you need carefully analyze the market to make sure there is enough consumer demand and interest in products.

Remember, consistency in branding, quality merchandise, and thoughtful promotion are key to leveraging restaurant branded merchandise as a successful marketing tool.

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