Burkett Colleague Connect, with Nathan in Sales

Last updated on June 8th, 2022 at 11:57 am

Burkett Colleague Connect is back and this month we introduce our National Sales Manager, Nathan Beucler. Keep reading for a short interview with Nathan about what it takes to be in sales at Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

1. How long have you worked for Burkett Restaurant Equipment? I have been with Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies since January 2, 2013

 2. How did you get involved in Sales? My very first job at 16 was in sales (FootAction USA) and loved the personal interaction.  Almost every job I held dealt with the public or had some personal interaction that allowed me to fall in love with the concept of customer satisfaction. Having happy customers is more important to me than most would imagine.  My entire schooling was focused on business; with a degree in Professional Sales and Information Systems, working with a tech savvy company makes it even more of a joy today.

 3. How would you describe Burkett’s Culture in three words? Leadership, Customer-Focused, Professionalism

 4. How do you differentiate Burkett from other equipment dealers? Burkett is constantly striving to be at the top when it comes to technology and customer support.  The working environment is filled with fun yet serious coworkers that are all about customer service.  We are here for the right reasons, not just a paycheck.

 5. What is the most significant challenges sales managers face in this economy? Customers tend to use the saying “you need my business in this economy”, well, this economy has not totally destroyed the foodservice industry.  People are still going out to eat; servers are still breaking dishes and equipment still needs to function at 100%.   We offer products that will fit just about any budget and can deliver quickly to keep customers operations going without missing a beat.

 6. Are there any sales management skills or behaviors that are more important today than in the past? If so, what are they? Sales Managers are constantly striving to motivate the sales team to be their individual best.  Being a sales manager is not all about selling or being the best salesman on the floor. Your best sales managers are those that work WITH the sales team to help them succeed.  A sales manager is not successful unless the sales team is successful. Keeping focus of the ultimate goal of customer’s first can be difficult, especially when personal emotions run strong. Many times, you have to take the personal emotions out of the equation before you can make a critical decision.

 7. In regards to sales performance, what are you goals for Burkett for 2013? 2013 brings all new challenges for Burkett. We are working on some sales incentive programs that will help add value to the products that we offer to customers. One of our goals is to reduce the amount of returns. To achieve this, our sales staff is becoming more educated on each individual item and will be a wealth of knowledge to each customer. By consulting each customer and asking the right questions, we will be able to recommend a product that will better suit the customer based on functionality, not always based on price. By consulting with customers, we will be building a stronger relationship with each of our customers/partners. We’re not here just to take orders; we want each customer to see us as a resource and partner in their business for the long term!

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