How to Get Max Dollars for Used Restaurant Equipment

Last updated on March 30th, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Burkett has been buying and selling used restaurant equipment for over 35 years and we’re going to let you in on a few secrets to make sure that you get the most money for your used items.

Selling used restaurant equipment is like selling a used vehicle. Appearance, obvious signs of regular maintenance, and cleanliness are key to getting maximum dollar. So whether you’re selling them to us, or to a private buyer, below you will find 5 questions to ask yourself to ensure that you make as much money as possible.

Is it Clean? Are there years worth of grease build up on the top and sides of your Commercial Range? Is there mold on the bottom of the Walk-In Cooler Refrigerator? If your used equipment is dirty when you are trying to sell it, just like if your used car is dirty when you are trying to sell it, you’re not going to get as much as you hoped.

Is it in Normal Working Condition? If you decide to sell your used refrigerator, that keeps food cold, but has a loud rattle, expect to get less money for it, than if it were working properly. When we purchase a product that needs extensive servicing before it can be placed on the floor for sale, it becomes financially prohibitive to offer you maximum dollars for it.

Where is It? Bring the product in for us to see or send multiple pictures of the exterior and interior of the product for a better offer. Remember, we are taking a risk buying a product sight unseen.

Do You Know the Model and Serial Number? When you email us the product pictures, make sure to also send the model and serial number. This information will give us the year the unit was made as well as product specifications in order to give you a more accurate purchase price.

Are Your Expectations Realistic? If you are selling a used T-23 Refrigerator, you are not going to receive today what you paid for it three years ago. For most privately sold used restaurant equipment, expect to sell it for 10-30% of what you purchased it for. According to Mike Burkett, Burkett Restaurant Equipment founder and current Used Purchaser, “When customers call us to sell their used equipment, I have to remind them that nothing is cut in stone. A product that is 3 years old and gone through the ringer a couple of times will get less than a similar product that is 10 years old, but well-maintained, clean, and in proper working condition. So be realistic with your expectations.”

If you are interested in selling used restaurant equipment, visit our sell your equipment page for additional information.

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3 Responses

  1. Keith Weinberger says:

    Can you sell a some restaurant equipment that has been in storage for 10 years? It was all working when put into storage. This includes a Kolpack walk-in freezer, True refrigerator, Pitco Fryers and usa gas stove.

  2. It makes sense that selling used restaurant equipment is similar to selling a car. I’d like to get some supplies and equipment for the restaurant I want to open. If they sell like used cars then I can find some decent equipment for a cheap price.

    • Burkett says:

      Thank you for your comment, Chris! At Burkett, we have a large offering of Used Equipment that you can look at here: We go through a rigorous reconditioning and quality control process to ensure every piece of equipment is clean and in great working condition.

      If you have any questions on specific products, our sales team would love to help you!