Product of the Month: Moffat TurboFan Convection Oven

Last updated on May 21st, 2021 at 02:08 pm

As restaurant kitchens become smaller, equipment needs to be more compact and efficient. The Moffat turbofan Convection Oven E22M3 on a stand is a small half-size electric counter top convection oven.

1- Compact 24 inch width;
2- Operates on 120 volt electricity so there is no need for special wiring
3- A three each half-size sheet pans capacity with 5/8″ tray spacing
4- Can be used on countertop or with stand
5- Its plug-in continuous oven door seal can help reduce heat in the kitchen
and is easy to replace when it wears out.
6- 1.5 Kw Heating power with temperature ranges from 150 to 550 degrees
7- 60 minute timer and a time up alarm.
8- Single-direction low-velocity fan
9- Porcelain – enameled oven chamber
10- Safe-Touch vented drop down door with Stay Cool door handle and easy
clean glass door.
11- Does not need to be under an exhaust hood please check local codes in
your area.
Moffat SK23 Oven Stand

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