A Meat Slicer Is A Meat Slicer…Right?

I was talking to a customer the other day that needed a slicer and when I asked what he was going to slice he thought I was crazy. He said “A slicer is a slicer! Right?”.

There are many questions that need answers to properly size a slicer. The two items in any kitchen you do not want to under size is an ice machine and a slicer. If you are going to slice lunch meat, onions, tomatoes etc.. you can get by with a belt driven unit. Slicers are rated for how many total hours per day they will be used. It goes from one hour such as the globe model C12 which is for light duty use up to two hours per day such as the globe model G12 ,G12A.
You also should look at the horsepower of the motor and the diameter of the blade. If you want to be safe and not worry about what you will be slicing then consider the model 3600P to 4600P or 3850P which is a two speed or the 3975P to the 4975P. These units are suitable for deli operation since they are rated for all day slicing of meats, vegetables and most importantly cheese. The last mentioned models are gear driven and have one half horsepower motors. Of course once you are done slicing you need to make sure you weigh the product out correctly. If you are selling to the public by the ounce or by the pound you have to use a scale that is legal for trade, such as the Globe model GSP30A which is a label printing scale or Globe model GS30 which is just a legal for trade scale. This scale will have to be certified by the state weights and measure board. You can not use a regular scale if you are selling to the public by the measured amount. If you just need to weigh 4 ounces of meat or three ounces of cheese, then you can use a basic portion scale. So remember, keep in mind how much and how often you are slicing!

Jerry Kraushaar is a leading chef and sales consultant for Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

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