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Introducing SEAGATE Commercial Products

As one of the leading distributors of restaurant equipment and supplies, Burkett’s catalog includes more than 100 of the top brands in food service. We are proud to introduce our latest brand offering, which is a Burkett exclusive.

SEAGATE RefrigerationWith SEAGATE Commercial Products, you’ll get quality commercial kitchen equipment that is affordably priced and ready to go, right out of the box. Choose from pizza prep tables, sandwich prep tables, reach-in commercial refrigerators and freezers, restaurant ranges, and commercial fryers.

SEAGATE Commercial Products have been specifically designed for customers that are seeking quality workmanship at an affordable price point.

All SEAGATE products come pre-assembled and are ready to go right out of the box. What does that mean exactly? That means when you get your brand new SEAGATE reach-in refrigerator and open the doors you won’t find any casters or other parts inside to assemble. From shelving to casters, everything comes already factory installed on the units. SEAGATE makes it simple.

SEAGATE CookingSEAGATE is redefining the standard for our industry and we couldn’t be more excited to offer it. That’s why you’ll enjoy free same-day shipping from our warehouse in Perrysburg, OH on all SEAGATE equipment. Your customers have come to rely on you for consistency and you’ve come to rely on your products for reliability and durability. With SEAGATE, you get a reliable and competitively priced piece of equipment that can handle the rigors of any commercial kitchen and help you deliver the consistency your customers crave  When you can get value without compromising quality, it means a great deal.

SEAGATE restaurant equipment is available exclusively from Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies and is available for sale now by phone, online, or in our showroom store. Check out the full SEAGATE lineup at

Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

Is it important to keep your food and beverages fresh and cold? You bet! The best way to do this is to keep your foodstuff in the Refrigerator! If your Refrigerator breaks down due to poor maintenance, then your kitchen is going to have a huge and costly problem.

WIPE! WIPE! WIPE! Do not allow dirt, grim, and food particles to accumulate on the exterior of machine. Wipe the cabinet with mild soap and water. If stainless steel surfaces become discolored scrub by only rubbing in the direction of the grain finish. Never use steel wool.

Regularly Clean Components! Make sure to unplug the Refrigerator from the electrical source before cleaning.

  1. Condenser & Evaporator: Clean every 30 days with a coil-cleaner solution or mild soap and water. Always scrub with the coils up and down- never side to side, to prevent coil damage. Remove grill for access and vacuum front surface of coil or direct forced air through the condenser from the rear. Use a bristled brush to loosen dirt if necessary. A dirty condenser will cause the Refrigerator to reach high temperatures. Replace coils and fans every 4-6 months for optimal operation.
  2. Condensate Evaporation Pan: Clean periodically to prevent odors and operate efficiently. Vacuum clean if dry or sponge with soapy water.
  3. Fan Blades: Clean fan blades and the fan cover with a de-greaser solution and rinse well when done.
  4. Door Hinges: Hinges can get dry and caked with door causing the doors to not close properly. Clean hinges regularly and lightly lubricate surfaces annually.
  5. Interior Cleaning:  Never use wool, caustic chemicals or bleach. Use a clean sponge and warm water with mild soap.

When in Doubt, Call for Technician Assistance! Have a professional inspect electrical connections and ensure they are tight as loose wires can cause high amperage and increase the amount of energy used by the unit. At least once a year, get a technician to check that drain lines are clear of debris and check that the fan motor is running at optimum speed.

Contact Burkett to discuss options to troubleshoot your issue and get your Commercial Refrigerator back up and running! Burkett Parts Support can be reached at: 1-800-828-8564 ext 299.

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