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Burkett Lends Helping Hand to Local Organization

Mom's House ToledoMom’s House, a non-profit childcare center in Toledo, OH that helps low-income, single moms graduate from high school, technical school and college, was recently burglarized and suffered more than $10,000 worth of damages.

The organization strives to positively influence the lives of two generations through education for both parent and child

Among the items stolen were appliances in the organization’s kitchen.

When Burkett Account Executive Nathan Beucler heard about the news, he said he knew he had to do something.

“Being that the burglars stole commercial cooking equipment, I knew I could help, so I reached out to our vendors that night.”

Panasonic 1054FSesco Food Service Equipment immediately responded to Nathan’s request and agreed to help donate a Panasonic 1054F commercial grade microwave.

“We are happy to help out an organization in their time of need, especially one like Mom’s House that means so much to their community,” said Ken Barr, territory manager at Sesco.

Although damages and losses totaled more than $10,000, Mom’s House Executive Director Christina Rodriguez said insurance claims only covered about 30-40% of the cost for the commercial kitchen appliances due to their age.

“Burkett has been amazing to us,” Rodriguez said. “They made the process so easy. That means the world to us because our bottom line and our budget are critical to us as a nonprofit. Every little bit helps.”

Burkett annually gives away more than $10,000 in monies, goods, and services to charities around the region.

“Mom’s House is a great charitable organization that does a good thing for families,” Beucler said. “I felt that I could try to give back, whether it be free products, discounted products and/or personalized service and delivery of what they needed.”

Rodriguez said she was impressed by the donation and even more so by Beucler personally delivering and installing the microwave at Mom’s House.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, well, it also takes a village to support us so that we can better serve families and help raise children,” Rodriguez said. “Burkett is part of our village and we really appreciate it.”

Pinterest Board- Cupcake Shop

Burkett Pinterest Board:
Cupcake Shop: Equipment You’ll Need to Succeed!

Are you ready to open a fantastic Cupcake Shop? Once you have your recipes in order, the next step is to get all the equipment you’ll need to ensure that your shop is a success! We love Pinterest and thought this blog is agreat opportunity to showcase one of our boards- Cupcake Shop: Equipment You’ll Need to Succeed. Comment and repin what you love. We’ll make sure to follow you back and repin your pins too!

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How to Properly Grease a Cake Pan

Picture this.. You’ve spent hours beating, mixing, and stirring all the ingredients to make the most delectable cake your customers will ever eat. After much hard work and love, you pour your batter into a Cake Pan and gently place it in a 350-degree preheated oven for 40 minutes. You sit back and wait until your timer dings. After allowing the cake to cool you flip it over to remove it from the pan and……. NOTHING HAPPENS! Your delicious cake is stuck in the Cake Pan and no matter how much you try to wiggle it out it’s not going anywhere unless you pry it out. You followed all the steps perfectly except one thing- you didn’t properly grease the pan to allow the cake to be easily removed.

Don’t let this happen again! Before you make the batter, grease the pan. Here are 3 steps to ensuring that any cake will easily slide out of its pan.

  1. Melt butter/shortening in the Microwave in 10-15 second increments until it completely melts.
  2. Using a Pastry Brush, evenly spread butter all over the inside of the pan (make sure to get the corners very well)
  3. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of flour* at a time into the greased cake pan. Shake the pan to spread the flour side to side, then turn the pan in circles to coat the sides, adding more flour if needed.

*If you’re baking chocolate cake use cocoa instead of flour to avoid white spots on the bottom and side of the cake.

Follow these easy steps and your cake won’t stick!

Commercial vs Residential Immersion Blenders

Would you buy a residential oven for a Pizzeria? Of course not and you shouldn’t buy residential kitchen supplies for a commercial kitchen either. This includes Immersion Blenders. Equipment, appliances and supplies are essential for the optimal performance of your restaurant and when a product stops working, the whole kitchen is effected. Purchasing supplies intended for residential use will cause those products to malfunction under heavy use causing problems for your kitchen.

Residential Immersion Blenders are designed to blend, whisk, and chop small batches of food. Mixing large batches often required in a commercial kitchen with a residential Immersion Blender will cause the motor to blow and void your warranty. Manufacturer Warranties do not cover misuse or abuse of their products. If you are using a residential Immersion Blender in your restaurant kitchen and it breaks your warranty will be voided as the appliance was not intended for commercial use.

If you are unsure whether a  product is certified for commercial or residential use, look for the NSF foundation’s logo, which is present on each piece of equipment in a commercial kitchen.

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