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Margarita Recipes for Fun Summer Dining

If your customers are anything like me, they crave a nice cold margarita when it gets this hot. Frozen or on the rocks – it doesn’t matter as long as it’s refreshing! Satisfy customer cravings and try fun margarita recipes to add to your menu.

Classic Margarita Recipe

Recipe from Waring
Makes 5 Margaritas


Commercial bar blender (we recommend the Raptor 48 oz.)
Margarita rimmer (find it here)
Margarita glasses (shop our full selection)


4 ounces (½ cup) tequila
4 ounces (½ cup) triple sec
8 ounces (1 cup) margarita mix
3 cups ice cubes


1. Put all ingredients in blender jar and secure lid.
2. Blend on high speed until smooth (about 10 seconds).
3. Finally, garnish the rim of your margarita glasses with salt and serve!

Margarita Freeze Recipe

Recipe from Waring
Makes 5 Freezes


Commercial bar blender
Margarita rimmer
Margarita glasses


8 ounces (1 cup) Gold Tequila
8 ounces (1 cup) Defrosted Lime Concentrate
8 ounces (1 cup) Lemon Sherbet
2 cups Ice Cubes


1. First, put all liquid ingredients in blender jar, then add the remaining ingredients and secure lid.
2. Blend on high speed until smooth (about 10 seconds).
3. Finally, garnish the rim of your margarita glasses with salt and serve!

Mixed Berry Margarita Recipe

Recipe from The Burkett Blog
Makes (1) 16 oz. margarita


Immersion blender (we recomment the Waring Quik Stik)
Margarita rimmer
Margarita glasses


1 cup Frozen Mixed Berries
1 cup Orange, Lime, or Lemon Juice
1/3 cup Tequila
1/2 tbsp Triple Sec or Grand Marnier
1-2 tsp Sugar


  1. Place all ingredients in a mixing beaker
  2. Next, insert your immersion blender until submerged. Blend in an up-and-down motion until ingredients are combined (30 seconds)
  3. Garnish the rim with sugar
  4. Lastly, pour into glass and add fresh berries for an extra pop!

Can’t get enough?

Check out more margarita recipes on the Burkett Blog here!

Cool Down with a Mixed Berry Margarita

Summer is right around the corner and your customers are salivating for a tasty beverage to cool down. Treat them to a delicious Mixed Berry Margarita made with this month’s Product Palooza product- an Immersion Blender.

Mixed Berry Margarita (Makes 16oz)Mixed-berry-magarita-w-lime-slice

  • 1C Frozen Mixed Berries
  • 1C Orange, Lime, or Lemon Juice
  • 1/3C Tequila
  • 1/2T Triple Sec or Grand Marnier
  • 1-2t Sugar


  1. Place all ingredients in a mixing beaker. Insert Waring WSB33 Immersion Blender until submerged. Blend in an up-and-down motion until ingredients are combined (30 seconds)
  2. Serve in a classic 16-ounce Margarita Glass!

Cinco De Mayo History Lesson, Margarita Recipe

forget-work-margaritaToday is Cinco de Mayo and I think just about everyone here at Burkett has plans to head out to their favorite Mexican restaurant for a margarita! Which made me wonder, what is Cinco de Mayo- besides the literal translation of May the 5th. According to Wikipedia, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory against French forces on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. Did you know that this battle would be the last time a European military attacked an North American country. Like most holiday’s, the real meaning has become bogged down with unrelated traditions and celebrations. In fact, outside of the city of Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated by the rest of Mexico. United Press International reports that “The holiday crossed over into the United States in the 1950s and 1960s but didn’t gain popularity until the 1980s when marketers, especially beer companies, capitalized on the celebratory nature of the day and began to promote it.

Well, for whatever reason, you may be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today, celebrate it with an ice-cold Margarita! Try this recipe below.

Forget the Mistake You Made at Work Margarita  (serves 4 to 6)

  • 3 c Chopped Watermelon
  • 10 Limes, juiced  (check out the Nemco 5855 Easy Juicer, you’ll have those limes juiced in no time!)
  • 1/3 c Sugar
  • 2 c Iced Cubes
  • 1 c Tequila
  • 1/2 c Grand Marnier or Triple Sec
  • Margarita Salt

1. Use your Vitamix 48 oz Bar Blender, combine watermelons, limes, sugar, and iced cubes. Blend until smooth.

2. Add Tequila and Grand Marnier or Triple Sec and pulse to blend.

3. Rim each Margarita Glasses with salt and add more ice to the cups. Pour the mix over the ice and serve cold!! Enjoy!

Today is National Margarita Day!

Maragrita-with-Lime-SliceNearly every restaurant and bar feature Margarita on their alcohol menu and for good reason.The only thing that Americans may like more than pizza is a Margarita! There are many ways that you can celebrate this extraordinary drink: host a party, create new mixes and most importantly – enjoying the Margarita.

Margarita’s are a refreshing drink made from tequila, triple sec, lemon / lime juice, and some sort of sweetener (such as syrup). From special blended varieties to Margarita in a can – there are a myriad of different ways to enjoy what is without a doubt, the most famous cocktail in the world. It can be served shaken with ice, on the rocks, blended with ice (frozen margarita) or without ice (straight up). This chilly drink is usually served in the iconic Margarita glass, a variant of the classic champagne coupe. This glass is often rimed with salt to help even out the sweetness.

Who’s Drinking Margaritas?

  • The Margarita was the most popularly ordered drink in 2008, representing 18% of all mixed drink sales in the U.S.
  • On average, Americans consume 185,000 Margaritas per hour.
  • Margarita consumption peaks in the South, accounting for 34.9% of sales.
  • Based on sales, Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis and Nashville are among the best major metro cities for Margarita drinking

It is only appropriate to end this post with the recipe!

Classic Margarita Recipe

(makes one Margarita)

  • 1 ounce Tequila (try Herradura Silver)
  • 1 ounce Cointreau
  • Fresh Lime Juice, to taste
  • Kosher Salt and Lime Wedge, for garnish


  • Rim glass with salt
  • Shake other ingredients over ice and pour into glass
  • Garnish with lime wedge


Restaurant Education: 8 Essentials to Stock your Bar

Bar BlenderA bar that has all the right supplies will make it easier to make the drinks that your customers want, when they want them. Whether you’ve just realized you’re missing a key piece of bar equipment, or you’ve finally decided to install that old tiki bar in your basement, here is a list of what you really need to celebrate a successful bar experience.

Cocktail or Martini Glasses: Depending on the size of drinks you’re looking to serve, martini glasses range in size from 6 ounces to 10.5 ounces. Most drinks are measured at 3-5 ounces, but who doesn’t love those giant 10oz margaritas? Decide which size is best for you by reviewing your drink menu. Do some research on popular cocktails (ahem, see previous blog Four Hot Cocktail Trends) to determine if you have need for a specific glass size.

Rocks Glasses: Generally, most drinks are poured over ice. You’ll also have many guests that will just want a whiskey on the rocks. These short tumblers are a must have addition to any bar. Keep in mind; it’s important to store these upside down to prevent dust from settling inside.

Hi-Ball (tall) Glasses:  You’ll find tons of drinks that call for tall, rocks glasses. Typically hi-ball glasses are between 8 and 12 ounces. Popular hi-ball drinks include: greyhound, screwdriver, madras, vodka & tonic, and Bloody Mary. These are usually sweet, highly drinkable cocktails that everyone will want, so stock up.

Wine Buckets: Two words: Bottle Service. Aside from the obvious benefits of selling liquor or wine by the bottle, the latest generations of drinkers love the notoriety of bottle service. While bottle service typically goes hand in hand with reserved tables and a bevy of mixers of the customer’s choice, the “piece de resistance” is often the premium bottle of liquor, champagne or wine. Serve it in style with one of Burkett’s stainless steel or clear polycarbonate buckets.

Shaking your head and thinking this is the exact reason you’re building a bar in your basement? No problem, they make awesome ice buckets too.  Even at home bartenders know that cold is key.

Cocktail Shakers + Strainers:  From martinis to margaritas, you just have to have one. Cocktail shakers do more than mix drink ingredients together. Their main purpose is making the drink as cold as can be, as quickly as possible. A good stainless steel cocktail shaker will be the star of the bar on a busy night. Shopping for shakers can be overwhelming. The most important feature to look for is a tight seal to eliminate the problem of the two pieces getting stuck together.

Measured Liquor Pourers:  A fail proof method of serving the right amount of liquor for your drink recipe. Measured pourers will give your bartenders precise shot measurements without the need of shot glasses or jiggers (although, all bars should have shot glasses too…I mean, shots are fun).  To appeal to your business side, pourers save money by avoiding over-pouring and potential spills. Burkett Restaurant Equipment offers a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate any of your beverage needs.

Bar Mats: When bartenders use a bar mat, the work surface is raised slightly off the bar, meaning that any spilled liquids fall between the holes or spaces between the plastic. This reduces any puddles or sticky spots on the actual work space, making it easier and faster for the bar tender to make drinks. It also takes a little of the pressure off for when the business gets a big rush and spills happen more frequently.

Blenders: Last, but certainly not least you will need a bar blender. Bar blenders provide the easiest and most convenient way to make any sticky sweet frozen drink. Whip up your famous daiquiri or pina coladas quickly. Bar blenders are all stars when it comes to ice, alcohol, fruit, and anything else you want to throw in there!

Cinco de Mayo in Style with Burkett Restaurant Equipment!

Dust off your margarita pitcher; it’s almost time for Cinco de Mayo!

I don’t know a single person that doesn’t enjoy Mexican food and drinks or indulging on the 5th of May, so I’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Burkett Restaurant Equipment style.

Is doesn’t take much to set the mood for a fiesta. Hang up your favorite papel picado and get out your Latin inspired table top items for instant ambiance.

What better way to get in the Cinco de Mayo mood than with a pitcher of margaritas? Really, there isn’t a better way. Here’s my favorite recipe:

1 can frozen limeade from concentrate

6 oz your favorite tequila

2 oz triple sec

Throw all ingredients in a blender with crushed ice and blend away to bliss. Don’t forget the margarita rimmer for salt and sugar.

Keep it authentic by serving your salsa, queso and guacamole in molcajete bowls or melamine salsa dishes.

Surely no Cinco de Mayo celebration can be considered complete without fajitas. Keep your tortillas warm and tasting great in tortilla servers.

Finally, set out your Mexican wedding cookies (seriously, they are SO good), turn on the salsa music and shake your maracas into the night, it’s Cinco de Mayo people!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out Burkett Restaurant Equipment’s mexican resturant equipment page for more ideas.

Immersion Blender Use in All Types of Restaurants

Still wondering how versatile an Immersion Blender is? You can make use of this product in just about any type of restaurant or food establishment.

  • Concession Stands: Mix chili for Chili and Hot Dogs
  • Bakeries: Blend vanilla cupcake frosting with a strawberry compote.
  • Bars: Daiquiris and Margaritas…. need we say more!
  • Mexican Restaurants: Easily puree refried beans for a delicious Bean Dip or to serve alongside burritos.
  • Asian Restaurants: Create Hot and Sour Thai Soup without making a mess.
  • American Restaurants: Create a unique Cream of Broccoli soup for cold days and Gazpacho for the hot summer weather!
  • Bagel Shops: Blend together cream cheese and herbs to take your Bagels and Cream Cheese to the next level.
  • Ice Cream Shops: Blend up classic favorites like Milkshakes and Smoothies.
  • Italian Restaurants: Perfect for mixing and chopping tomatoes for Spaghetti Marinara of course.
  • Pizzerias: Make sure your herbs and pizza sauce are thoroughly blended with an Immersion Blender.
  • Middle Eastern Restaurants: You can make hummus and baba ghanouj in a flash with an Immersion Blender.

Today is National Pina Colada Day!

Key-Lime-Colada in Mason Jar It’s National Pina Colada Day and on a hot day like this what better way to refresh your taste buds than with this delicious tropical drink. So make yourself an ice cold drink, sit back and enjoy the summer heat! This recipe is a delightful twist to the usual Pina Colada!

Key Lime Colada


  1. Put all the ingredients is the Vitamix Drink Machine Advanced Bar Blender and blend until smooth!
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