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Tilting Skillets, Proving Very Useful

The other day I was at home making a big skillet of scrambled eggs and it got me thinking back on my days in the kitchen and how I had a dream of owning my own restaurant. I thought how neat it would be to have a tilt skillet available. The Tilt Skillet is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you could have in a kitchen. It can be used to make a big batch of french onion soup, a large volume of scrambled eggs, or heat crab legs or poach a whole salmon. The Tilt Skillet comes in gas or electric and comes is capacity of 15 gallon counter top units up to 40 gallon capacity. They can have a hand tilt or a power tilt. I always liked the hand tilt because I could control it for as smoother pour, especially when making soup. Need extra grill space to sear chicken breasts? Tilt Skillet. Need a large pot of water for blanching vegetables? Tilt skillet. Chili in one pot, including browning the meat? Tilt Skillet.

One of the most unique pieces on the market is the Skillet. It looks like a dishmachine with an cooking surface inside. You can get a rack to fit in it and cook bacon. One unique feature is the heat is evenly distributed to the whole bottom of the cooking surface, including the corners. I proved it by cooking a pancake in the corner!

For some ideas on manufactures check out our web site at and look at Cleveland Range or Groen. Give me a call and we can discuss all your equipment needs. Till next time Happy Cooking.

Jerry Kraushaar is a leading chef and sales consultant for Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

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