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Your Commercial Ice Machine Not Working Like It Used To?

Man, is it hot outside! My ice machine is not working worth a darn, it cannot keep up and on top of that my customers want me to sell them ice to load up their coolers!
When I bought the unit six years ago it worked fine. So I added thirty seats to my dining area and added two fryers and a six burner range to my cooking line and my ice machine doesn’t make half the ice it used too. What am I to do?

Many restaurant owners have this question. One thing you can do is to move the ice machine, but that can be costly, or you can look at the energy efficiency of the machine. Like many types of commercial cooking equipment Ice machines, dish machines, refrigerators and deep fryers are all energy star rated. An air cooled machine rated at around 700 pounds production in a twenty four hour period can use as much as 150 gallons of water to make that amount of ice! That’s a new unit energy star rated! Imagine what it could be if it is an older unit not as efficient or it is a water cooled unit? This figure doesn’t even take into account the electrical energy use.

After hearing all this maybe it is time to consider an upgrade on your ice machine. You can call a sales rep like me and discuss the options. I have a report that gives the ratings for many manufactures not only for ice machines, but for steamers, fryers, holding cabinets, dish machines and refrigeration units as well . Recently added this year are griddles and convection ovens. This report is issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA . So you want to make more money? Lets look at energy saving equipment that is more efficient as well as some utility companies offer rebate money direct to you for replacing your old equipment . Please check with your local utility to see if and what is qualified.

Jerry Kraushaar is a leading chef and sales consultant for Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

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