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Safely Host Holiday Dinner Events

With the Holidays here, many people are planning on having banquets or small parties in their back room or a small section of their dining room, or even at home. Some things to consider are if you are serving hot food make sure it is held at a minimum of 135 degrees. You can use a chafing dish to accomplish this or a counter top electric warmer. For your guests safety have a simple pocket test thermometer available, I like the one that goes from 0F to 220F because it will cover the cold and the hot temperatures for safe holding. Cold should be 41 or below.
Other items to consider are serving utensils, tongs, and pie servers. Whether you are entertaining at home or at the restaurant you want to keep your friends and customers safe and well for the holiday season.

Jerry Kraushaar is a leading chef and sales consultant for Burkett Restaurant Equipment.

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