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Used Restaurant Equipment And Your Business

If looking to buy Restaurant Equipment you may be considering the option to buy used. Know what your getting into before jumping in head first. Used restaurant equipment has many pros and cons. I will examine a few of these.

PROS:  You save money!  Used restaurant equipment can be nearly half the price of that same new product.  More often than not, used restaurant equipment isn’t so old.  Many restaurants go out of business within the first two years leaving many units available for sale.

CONS:  Using used restaurant equipment can be a risky choice by some owners. Whether it be to old for your staff to figure out how to work it or simply old parts corrupting the unit to go bad. Used restaurant equipment may not look as good as a brand new unit. If your customers plan on seeing the unit on an every day basis such as merchandisers and display cases you must be sure it is free from defects.

THINGS YOU CAN DO TO AVOID THE CONS:  Avoiding risky used restaurant equipment can be simple.  Look for warranties on your used restaurant equipment.  Is your equipment reconditioned or refurbished?  If so your unit will last much longer than a normal piece of used restaurant equipment.  You can often negotiate special pricing when dealing with used restaurant equipment.

Check out Burkett Restaurant Equipment’s website at for a great selection of used restaurant equipment.  All are reconditioned and have a warranty!

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